Gimme Shelter: The 9 Best Camping Tarps for Staying Dry This Camping Season

best camping tarps for winter
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 In much of the country, the summer is one of the best times to go camping. You can avoid the sweltering heat of midsummer in the deserts and high basins, and some of the seasonal roads are still open as they haven’t yet had significant snowfall.

Because you’re not going to let a little rainwater rain on your camping parade, here are 9 of the best camping tarps for staying dry.

1. OUTAD Waterproof Tarp

This OUTAD waterproof tarp doubles as a sunshade and comes in multiple color options. It also folds down to a handy 6 x 4 inch size. Rated a favorable 4.5/5 from over 335 customers, this tarp continues to be a true essential for campers.

Outad tarp Courtesy Amazon


2. OUTRY Multi-Purpose Tarp

The OUTRY waterproof multi-purpose tarp comes with included tent pegs to hold it down. Great for blustery conditions, it keeps you high and dry even when the wind picks up. This Amazon’s Choice Tarp is a top choice and has been described as “Versatile; good quality for the price”, by a happy customer.

outry tarp Courtesy Amazon


3. Footprint Portable Tarp

This small/mid-size tarp benefits from an included drawstring bag, making it a no-brainer to carry along with your gear. This highly rated (4.9/5 stars) tarp has been described as having “easy storage” and great for “multi-use” purposes.

Portable Tarp with Drawstring Bag Courtesy Amazon


4. Hanjet Camping Shelter

This lightweight tarp is notable for its broad coverage, enough to shield a good two-to-three person tent footprint from the rain. “This tarp did awesome! It went above our tent for a rainy camping trip and did a perfect job at keeping us dry!” explains a satisfied customer.

Hanjet Large Tarp Courtesy Amazon


5. Camping is Easy Tent Tarp

This water resistant tent tarp comes with ropes and stakes for anchoring and is broad enough to shelter a hammock or tent. It also makes a great camping shade for use with car or truck-based camping set ups.


6. YuEdge Waterproof Tarp

The YuEdge waterproof tarp and (Amazon Choice) bills itself as a tarp of all trades, a multi-use option great for backpacking and camping trips that may encounter variable weather conditions.

yuedge waterproof tarp Courtesy Amazon


7. Kelty Noahs Tarp

The “Noah’s Tarp” camping tarp from Kelty is designed for extremely rainy conditions and boating, as the name implies. Its features include reinforced guy-out points for propping and a broad area of coverage with an available 16’ version. Taped seams prevent water from breaching.

Kelty Noahs Courtesy Amazon


8. FREE SOLDIER Multifunctional Backpacking Tarp

This lightweight tarp can be shaped to offer shelter from both harsh sunlight and gusty rain. It’s also ultra lightweight, making it a great choice for backpackers. This Amazon’s Choice tarp offers multifunction use that can be used for more than just camping.

portable tarp Courtesy Amazon


9. Chill Gorilla Hammock tarp

This Chill Gorilla rain fly tent tarp keeps your hammock dry in all kinds of conditions, with great water shedding and lightweight materials. Plus, mounting equipment is included.

chill gorilla hammock tarp Courtesy Amazon