Parched Packs: 5 Top-Rated Dry Bags Under $30

Best Dry Bag: Waterproof Bags for
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* Keep your stuff dry on the next adventure
* Ideal for boating, beach days, or casual rainy day hikes
* Highly-rated items for less than $30

Whether you’re swimming across a river, kayaking, or just camping with the family this winter, you’ll want a reliable dry bag to protect your stuff.

Dry bags feature a unique floating, waterproof design that can be soaked — and even submerged — while still keeping the contents bone-dry. They’re a must-have for hardcore adventurers and water sportsmen, but they’re also great for casual hikers, campers, and kayakers that want to keep gear or food safe and dry.

Also, unlike some luggage, dry bags won’t break the bank. Below are five highly-rated dry bags that range from just $10 to $30.

1. Odyssey Roll Top Dry Bag

Some new dry bags, including this one from Odyssey, include a handy waterproof phone bag as well. So for just $10, you get a 10L waterproof bag and a floating waterproof case for your smartphone.

Orange Dry Bag Odyssey Image courtesy of Amazon


2. BFULL Waterproof Dry Bag

Bfull’s dry bag utilizes a new, extra thin composite material that makes the bag more streamlined and lightweight. It comes in five different size options (5L to 40L), and several colorways.

Dry Bag Waterproof Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack

This nylon dry sack from Sea to Summit comes in an extra-small 1L size, making it the best choice for day trips to the beach, hikes, or quick boating adventures. It’s made of a super durable, lightweight nylon, and it features a white interior that makes finding your things easier.

Blue Camping Bag Waterproof Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bags Set

Get a dry bag, a waterproof waist pouch, and a phone bag with this dry bag set form Freegrace. It’s made of high-quality tarpaulin and features a handy window on the front.

Black Dry Bag Phone Case Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

With an impressive five stars and 2,800 reviews, this Earth Pak is the highest-rated dry bag on Amazon. This is thanks to a supremely durable, lightweight design, and a usability in every situation — whether casual or extreme.

Orange Boating Dry Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


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