Zoom Around Town On the Cheap With One of These Electric Skateboards

Electric Skateboard

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We’ve all seen those trendy electric scooters littering the sidewalks of just about every metro area of the U.S. This quick, convenient form of transportation has been all the buzz since scooter-sharing began to gain traction in 2017, and it’s now the most popular form of “shared micromobility” among riders.

Yet, there’s an even better option for those who plan to use a form of micromobility on a regular basis, and it’s not a bike. Electric skateboards are so much easier to use around town, are easier to transport and carry, and, if you invest in one, you’ll no longer have to pay regular fees for shared scooters (which can add up quickly). Plus, you’ll never have to worry about finding the nearest Bird or Lime scooter when you have a zippy skateboard on hand.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or looking to purchase your first electric skateboard, we’ve rounded up the best on the market to meet your specific needs.

Spadger D5X 20-Inch Electric Skateboard


If you want the best bang for your buck, you can’t beat this Spadger Electric Skateboard. Made of 85% explosion-proof material (yes, that’s a thing), this board is super sturdy, yet flexible enough to make smooth turns. With its 250-watt motor, it can reach up to 12.5 MPH and has a range of 6.5 miles. The board has a handy “slide switch,” so when you slide the motor wheel the electric skateboard will start. Plus, it features a built-in LED light, which is super handy for riding safely at night.

Spadger Electric Skateboard Amazon

Evolve Skateboards Bamboo GTX All-Terrain Electric Skateboard


While this electric skateboard is a little pricey, splurging on this model will prove to be oh-so worth it. The skateboard can reach up to 25 mph and has a battery range of up to 31 miles per charge, which is the longest battery life of the boards to make this list. This particular model is the best option if you plan on travelling long distances, since you won’t need to worry about losing power during your trips. It also comes with a super fancy but easy to use remote control featuring magnetic trigger controls for smooth acceleration and braking.

Evolve Skateboards Electric Skateboard Amazon

AZBO Electric Skateboard With Remote Control


While the AZBO Electric Skateboard doesn’t have as long of a battery life (19 miles) as the aforementioned Evolve Skateboard (31 miles), it’s just as fast, with a maximum speed reaching 25 MPH. Plus, it’s about a third of the price, so if you’re looking for something fast and powerful on a budget, the AZBO skateboard is the best option. Its 8-ply maple deck supports a max weight of 268 lbs and features a non-slip, waterproof surface to keep you safe while riding. Plus, the wireless remote lets you easily change speed, brake, and monitor battery life.

Azbo Electric Skateboard With Remote Control Amazon

Voyager Neutrino Compact Electric Skateboard


If you’re buying an electric skateboard for the first time, something a bit simpler to use and slower in speed is the best way to ease into riding. This Voyager skateboard isn’t as fast as some of the previous skateboards to make this list, maxing out at 12.5 MPH, and it has a 7 mile maximum battery range, making it great for shorter trips. It’s lightweight and easily portable, weighing only 9.5 lbs, and comes equipped with a wireless remote to easily switch between slow and fast modes.

Voyager Compact Electric Skateboard Amazon

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