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The Best Electric Skateboards Will Get You Where You’re Going Without Eating Up Space

Getting around a city without a car has never been easier. Admittedly, most public transit systems and pedestrian pathways could be improved, and many cities still focus on building car-centric infrastructure. But these days, there are plenty of options for people looking to efficiently get around without an automobile. One option is to look into “micromobility” with small vehicles like electric scooters, bicycles — and electric skateboards.

For most people without a car, public transit is the answer. But even the best public transit systems have issues with unreliability and problems related to the “last mile,” the gap between the bus stop or train station and your front door. Shared scooters like Bird or Lime may be great for quick trips, but regular use (if you can find them regularly) can add up in fees.

A skateboard is arguably one of the best options for last-mile commuting. Unlike bikes or even scooters, you don’t have to worry about storage. And you can reach your destination with a minimum of effort and a maximum of efficiency with an electric skateboard.

There are a few brands worth knowing in the electric skateboard market, including Evolve, which offers high-quality boards, and MEEPO, which has a range of more affordable options.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or looking to shake up your commute, we’ve rounded up the best electric skateboards on the market to meet your specific needs, based on research and reviews.


1. Backfire G2


Backfire’s G2 board delivers plenty of power for the everyday rider, and it’s the brand’s entry-level electric skateboard. The board has a range of up to 12.5 miles and a speed of up to 24 mph. Though there are faster boards with a longer range out there, this board has plenty of speed and battery for the average user. Plus, the remote has a convenient LCD screen that displays speed and battery.

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2. Evolve Hadean Bamboo All Terrain


The trouble with skateboards is that, because they’re close to the ground, they can struggle with uneven terrain. Evolve’s Hadean board is designed for conquering difficult and uneven terrain. This is one of the more expensive options on the market, but its powerful motor allows you to conquer any hill and achieve a maximum speed of 26 mph.

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Courtesy of Evolve

3. Exway Wave Riot


The Exway Wave Riot stands out for its small size and easy portability. But Exway packs a lot into a small package. This board has a top speed of 23 mph and features RGB lighting to be easily seen when riding in the dark. One of the best features of this board is the quick-swap battery. If you have an extra battery and forgot to charge your board, or you just want to get more range on a longer ride, you can swap your battery in as little as 10 seconds.

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4. Teamgee H20 39″ Electric Skateboard


Teamgee is a good option if you’re looking for a relatively affordable electric skateboard. The boards have a top speed of 26 mph and a total range of 18 miles. For extra power, this board is equipped with a dual motor. The PU wheels are removable, making them easier to replace when they wear out.


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5. MEEPO Mini 2


All skateboards are pretty portable, but they’re not all this portable. The MEEPO Mini Dual Electric Skateboard is a great compact option for daily rides. It has a 7-mile range, which is more than sufficient for the average commute or daily trip and can reach a top speed of 19 mph.

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6. OneWheel Pint X


Admittedly, this isn’t exactly a skateboard; skateboards have four wheels, and the OneWheel has just the one. Still, it’s a fun option and the riding stance is not dissimilar to that of an electric skateboard. The Pint X is the brand’s smaller, more affordable option. It clocks in at a top speed of 18 mph and has a range of 12 to 18 miles.

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Courtesy of Onewheel

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