We Don’t Need To Tell You Why These Radios Should Be Part of Your Emergency Kit

Emergency Radio
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An emergency radio will provide you with weather updates, and emergency information when you need it most. If you live in an area prone to tornadoes, hurricanes or heavy snow it is an especially good idea to have a back-up way of receiving emergency news in case phone and cable lines go down in an emergency or natural disaster.

A good emergency radio will be NOAA certified, which will provide you with weather alerts for your area from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The best emergency radios we found will keep you aware of your local weather conditions, work as a flashlight if the power goes out, and can even charge your phone.


1. iRonsnow Solar Emergency Weather Radio

The iRonsnow Solar Emergency Weather Radio is a AM/FM & NOAA radio, meaning it broadcasts weather information from the nearest National Weather Service office. Besides, giving weather updates this emergency radio is also a LED flashlight, and cell phone charger. It comes with three charging options micro usb, hand crank or solar. If you are stranded without power you can still charge your radio by just cranking it. Its light weight of less than one pound and compact body make it easy to fit in your emergency kits or backpack. This is a great radio to have if you live in an area that gets heavy snow storms or hurricanes.

PROS: Functions as radio, flashlight, and phone charger.

CONS: The hand crank charging can take a while to work.

Emergency Radio
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2. RunningSnail Solar Crank Weather Radio for Emergency

The Runningsnail Solar Crank Weather Radio is also a AM/FM NOAA weather alert radio, but it also functions an SOS Alarm, flashlight, and phone charger. The SOS alarm and its flashing red light is a unique feature that could help you alert emergency responders for help in the most dire situations. This radio can be hand crank powered, solar charged, and it takes triple A batteries. It can also provide up to 12 hours of light or 4-6 hours of radio time with its 2000 mAh rechargeable battery.

PROS: Can be charged via solar and has loud SOS alarm.

CONS: No battery indicator on how much battery power is left.

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3. Kaito Powered Emergency Weather Alert Radio

The Kaito Powered Emergency Weather Alert Radio is an AM/FM NOAA weather radio that gets short wave perception. Its shortwave perception allow its signal to travel much farther than traditional AM/FM radios. It can be powered via hand crank, solar, computer, AC, or battery. This radio is made out of heavy-duty materials and can withstand harsh conditions. This is a reliable emergency radio that can provide weather and emergency updates spanning over a wide range. This is a great radio to use during hurricanes and snow storms when reception and power can be spotty.

PROS: Radio gets short wave perception.

CONS: Solar power takes a long time to charge.


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