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Sizable Shelter: The 3 Best Golf Umbrellas for Serious Rain Protection

* Stay dry no matter the weather with these handy umbrellas
* Built-in UV protection blocks harmful sun rays, too
* Choose from a range of different colors and sizes below

Summertime is golf time, but it can easily turn into a sour time if rain is in the forecast. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the best golf umbrellas on Amazon to help keep you dry whatever the weather may be.

While they definitely won’t improve your short game, they’re sure to keep you in good spirits. What’s more, these options also come with built-in SPF protection, so even if the sun is shining you can stay cool. Check our full list below.

1. BAGAIL Golf Umbrella

As an Amazon bestseller, this umbrella features a stunning two-tone color combination and features a smart vented double-canopy to help keep you dry in windy storms. With a waterproof fabric and sunproof design that sports SPF 50+ protection, it’s a smart choice for everyday use. It also comes in 18 different color options.

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2. RainStoppers Oversize Windproof Umbrella

And for when you need to cover yourself and someone else, this elegant oversized option sports coverage up to 68 inches. More than that, it features a non-slip foam rubber handle and is made from durable nylon fabric to withstand everyday wear and tear. It also comes in nine different colors. It’s a great option for you’re expecting to be outside all day.

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3. UV Protection Golf Umbrella

This hybrid gold umbrella boasts an auto-open function with a sleek silver-coated outer fabric. With SPF 50 protection and a reinforced fiberglass frame to offer wind protection, it’s easily one of the best golf umbrellas on the market. What’s more, it’s incredibly lightweight for its size. In fact, it’s suitable for two or more people.

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