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Hanging Tough: 3 Hanging Toiletry Bags You Should Upgrade To

* A toiletry bag makes traveling so much easier (and tidier)
* Hang them from a towel rack or hook to save room and maximize space
* Rugged and refined — this ain’t no dainty toiletry kit

Any seasoned globetrotter will tell you that a good toiletry bag (a.k.a. a Dopp kit) is an essential component to a well-rounded travel kit. After all, when you’re traversing the world, the last thing you want to be doing is digging through your things to find a bit of floss. With a Dopp kit, though, you’ll never be that unorganized.

Whether you’re in the market for a new one or looking to upgrade, here are some solid rough and tumble hanging toiletry bags that should be at the top of your list. They save space by hanging from a rack or door handle, while staying slim and neat when packed in your suitcase. They hold a ton of stuff too, from your deodorant to toothbrush and hair products. Before you head on your next trip, make sure you pick up one of these travel headache savers first.

1. Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag

Designed in Italy, the Hanging Toiletry Bag is Vetelli’s take on a premium Dopp kit with more modern features. Made from a mix of tan and dark brown PU leather and canvas, you probably won’t be replacing this one for years or even decades. It will only get better with age and wear.

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The classic hanging design allows for a great number of items to be crammed into a relatively compact amount of space. And this one can pack quite a bit. Two larger expandable zippered pockets and two square pockets ensure ample space for your travel accessories. A carry handle and exterior strapped buckles make it easy to transport and secure to know matter the situation.

Even if you’re not traveling, the design of Vetelli’s kit is quite versatile and could lend itself as a replacement EDC bag for your normal commute too, which makes it infinitely more appealing. This rugged yet refined bag has almost all five-star reviews, from over 800 users on Amazon. The “100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty” also help push this one over the edge.

And ladies, you should absolutely consider this for your own set of travel gear.


2. bago Hanging Toiletry Bag

If, however, you’re not keen on the tool roll kit style of Vetelli’s bag, check out bago’s alternative. This, too, is a hanging style bag but it’s made from a rip-stop material that’s lightweight, waterproof and durable in a form factor that can easily be used for things other than your toiletries, like lunch. It also makes for a great makeup bag as the material is easy to wipe down and clean. Best of all, you can easily and quickly access any one of the five separate compartments and there’s an exterior carry handle.


3. Premium Compartments Sea-Breeze Hanging Toiletry Bag

Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more utilitarian? The Sea-Breeze from Premium Compartments is the foldable kind that’s made from nylon and has three see-through waterproof compartments and one mesh pocket. It’s the most compact of our three choices but doesn’t skimp on any features. A solid option for when you just want a basic, durable place to pack your stuff.

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