Get These Headlamps And Never Be Caught In The Dark Again

Get These Headlamps And Never Be

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Headlamps are an ideal solution for anyone who needs to light up their surroundings without having to hold a flashlight. Not just for miners or dentists, headlamps are a versatile and useful option for both home and outdoor use.

If your daily routine includes taking your dog for a walk in the early morning or late evening, you know that having a flashlight is important. But when it’s time to clean up Fido’s mess and keep hold of the leash, a headlamp is great option, giving you light and the use of both hands.

Athletes who also like to be outdoors during twilight should always have a light on them for safety, whether that means illuminating the trail in front of them, keeping them safe from attackers, or making them visible to cars, cyclists and other runners. Holding onto a flashlight while running can be a pain, which is why we love using our headlamp when it’s time to hit the pavement.

Campsites as another great place to put your headlamp to use, whether it’s to help pitch your tent in the dark or find your way back to your site once the sun has gone down. Having a headlamp also means you can also catch up on your reading, whether you’re tucked into your sleeping bag or at home in bed (headlamps are great when you don’t want to wake up your snoozing partner).

DIY projects or spring cleaning around the house can sometimes mean trips to the dark basement, attic or crawlspace, and having your hands free and your surroundings well-lit can turn an arduous job into a short task. If you like to work on your car or bike in your spare time, a headlamp is a must-have.

So, which headlamp is best for you? We’re shining a light on three great options.

1. LE LED Headlamp

The LE LED Headlamp can adjust to just about any activity thanks to its four lighting modes, three levels of white light brightness and a red flashing mode for emergencies. The second lightest headlamp on the list, weighing only 2.85 oz, the LE LED is also the biggest, measuring 5 x 3.4 x 2.8 inches. The LE LED Headlamp can be tilted 90 degrees, unlike the other two headlamps which can only be adjusted 45 degrees and comes with the three AAA batteries needed to run. The lamp is water resistant and has a headband and middle strap, making it ideal for outdoor use and placing on larger items, like a bike helmet. Pros of the headlamp include its price, while customers note that cons include the headlamps quality and lack of padding behind the lamp, which can be uncomfortable on the forehead.

LE LED Headlamp

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2. Shining Buddy LED Headlamp

The lightest option on our list, the Shining Buddy LED Headlamp weighs only 2.6 oz and features a 160 lumen light, slightly lower than the Foxelli. The lamp has two switches to control five light settings, including high, low and red beam, white strobe and red flashing. Compact, shock and water resistant with an IPX5 rating, and made with a no-slip adjustable strap, the Shining Buddy is a great option for anyone looking for a headlamp to use while exercising outdoors in the dark. We also like that the Shining Buddy comes with a free E-guide to help users set up the lamp and use it to its full potential. One con that came up with customers is the need to toggle through the light settings to turn the headlamp off, with customers wishing the headlamp had an on/off switch available.

Shining Buddy LED Headlamp

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3. Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

Using bright white Cree LED lights, the Foxelli headlamp is small and strong, measuring 1.6 x 2 x 1.6 inches. Like the other two headlamps, the Foxelli is water resistant and takes 3 AAA batteries (included). Pros of the Foxelli include its adjustability, with the 200-foot beam boasting a 45 degree titable body that makes it easy to use. The headlamp also features an impressive 45 hour run time and has a variety of red and white light modes, going from 165 lumens to 40 lumens and an SOS mode. The Foxelli has some cons, including its weight, coming in at 3.2 ounces, making it the heaviest headlamp on our list. Customers also note that the battery will slowly drain when the lamp is not in use, which can make for a disappointing surprise if using the lamp after it has been in storage.

Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

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