Blazing Trails: The Ultimate SPY Guide to The Best Hiking Essentials

Best Hiking Essentials
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* Hiking is great way to burn calories, build strength, and enjoy nature
* Fall and winter is still a great time for outdoor workouts, especially with the right gear
* From solar chargers to apparel, we have everything you need for your next hike

Hiking is one of the most fun ways to get some exercise in, burn calories, and explore nature. Now that summer’s scorching heat is behind us, it’s a great time to lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails. Read on for our complete guide to get you prepped and ready to explore the outdoors this fall season.

Hiking Boots

The Arctive8 Hiking Boot is a durable and affordable solution for when those last-minute hiking adventures call. Designed with waterproof lining and premium oil and slip-resistant technology, these sturdy boots are a reliable choice for year-round hiking thanks to its all-weather protection and toasty layer of insulation. Read on for three other solid picks for both men and women below. 

archtiv 8 men's hiking boots Image courtesy of Amazon

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Hiking Apparel

Get ready to fall in love with the outdoors again with our picks for choice hiking gear that not only looks good but are made with innovative design solutions to help everyone reach their limitless potential. Bonus: you can wear these pieces off the trails too.

Athleta Hiking Jacket Image courtesy of Amazon

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Travel Tumblers

Whether you’re looking to keep quenched on those hot hiking days or want a warming drink for those frigid expeditions, you need a reliable tumbler that suits your lifestyle. Here are 7 of the sturdiest ones we found.

Yeti Travel Tumbler amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

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Sun Visors

Great for runs, tennis, or heading out on a hike, these functional sun blockers provide an alternative to sunglasses. Keep your skin shielded from UV damage from the sun with one of these visors.

2-in-1 sun visor Image courtesy of Amazon

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Essential Camping Supplies

If you’re extending your hike to a camping trip, you’ll definitely want to come equipped with a few essential items. Regardless of whether you prefer to head to mountains, the coast, or the desert for your next outdoor vacation, you’ll want to be prepared with the right supplies to keep you comfortable while sleeping outside.

foldable hiking chair amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

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Best Snacks

Bringing along healthy snacks to keep you going is a hiking essentials. See below for a roundup of some of our favorite protein-packed snacks that are great for post-workout and hiking days.

Protein chips amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

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Solar Gadgets

Planning an outdoor adventure? You don’t want to get left in the dark. Packing a few solar-charging devices could make all the difference between a ho-hum adventure and the ideal vacation. These solar gadgets will keep you and your devices going, even on all-day adventures.

Life stealth solar backpack amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

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Portable Water Bottles

Need that extra push to get you through a rigorous trail? These water bottles are inscribed with helpful phrases to get you motivated and stayed inspired on your next hike.

Best Portable water bottles amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

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Solar Backpacks

Solar backpacks are incredibly convenient because you wear them like any other backpack while commuting, hiking, or traveling. While in natural light, the solar panel refills the built-in power bank, and allows you to recharge devices at any time. See below for our favorite–and affordable–styles.

Eceen hiking backpack solar Image courtesy of Amazon

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