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Fly Away: 7 Life-Changing Products For Frequent Fliers

* Creature comforts for the avid traveler
* Change the way you travel
* Items include compact charging cables to the Ostrich pillow

Before you jump on your next flight, it may be time to upgrade a few of your travel essentials. After all, you can’t count on any airline to make your next flight a smooth or comfortable one anymore. These 7 products will make your next flight much less stressful, and they might just change the way you travel.

1. Alaska Bear Silk Sleeping Eye Mask

A lot of eye masks fail to give you the full blackout treatment, but not this one from Alaska Bear. It’s made from 100% mulberry silk (on both sides) and has an adjustable strap.


2. AmazonBasics Retracting Lightning Cable

If Apple had thought of everything, every Lightning cable would be retractable. Thankfully, Amazon did and it’s the perfect charging cable to have onboard. Plus, it’s significantly cheaper than Apple’s offerings.



3. Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

The last thing you need while traveling is an empty water bottle taking up room in your carry-on or clanking around, which is why Nomader’s collapsible water bottle is ideal for any form of travel.


4. Bagsmart Travel Organizer

Every bit of gadgetry comes with its own charging cable and cube, so keep it all organized and tidy with Bagsmart’s travel organizer.


5. Flight 001 5-in-1 Adapter

You never know where your travels will take you, but you’ll more than likely need an adapter to charge your things. Flight 001’s color coded adapter makes it easy to figure out which country requires which adapter.


6. Cowin Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

With 30 hours of playback time, active noise cancellation and swiveling ear cups for added comfort, you’ll be in your own world no matter how long or noisy your flight is.

[caption id="attachment_94792" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Crown Noise Cancelling Headphones amazon Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


7. Ostrich Pillow

It might look silly, but the Ostrich pillow is an all-in-one eye mask, sound barrier and supportive headand neck pillow. This pillow will allow you to take a nap and relax anytime, anywhere.