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Step Up Your Road Trip Game This Summer With The Koolatron

* Slim, compact cooler fits seamlessly in any size car
* 12 volt power means it can be charged via your car’s outlet
* Thermoelectric cooling system for ice cold food and drinks

Road trips are a summer must. If done right, they can be one of the most fun and rewarding trips of the year. However, doing a road trip right is easier said than done. One notoriously difficult aspect is dealing with food and drinks, because hungry travelers are bad travelers. This Koolatron cooler/warmer is a great, compact solution.

Using 12 volt power, the Koolatron can be charged via your car’s outlet to keep food and drinks cold throughout your trip – no ice necessary. It uses a quiet motorized fan that circulates cold air for even cooling. The state of the art thermoelectric cooling system provides consistent temperatures up to 40 degrees (F) below outside temperatures. Also, flip the cord and the Koolatron becomes a 130 degree heater for transporting a potluck dinner or picnic.

The Koolatron is slim and compact, designed to fit seamlessly in any sized car, and in many cases, seamlessly between the seats. The Koolatron holds 18 qts of food and drinks. With only one moving part (the fan) it eliminates the hassle of gas, ice, or coils.


If you’re on the road this summer, this cooler is a must-have, for day trips to the beach and weeks long cross country trips alike. Wherever you go, the Koolatron will save money and keep you and your fellow travelers happy.

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