A Great Rolling Duffle Bag Will Stuff Like A Duffle And Roll Like Luggage

Man carries Patagonia Black Hole Rolling
Courtesy of Patagonia
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Your luggage should be the least of your worries when traveling. A great rolling duffle bag can make sure you have the stuffable convenience of a duffle bag with the benefits of wheeled luggage.

Like duffle bags, rolling duffle bags come in a wide variety of designs and sizes to suit your needs, but they all retain some of the features and functions of duffles, such as packability and roominess, durable materials that stand up to travel and handles and straps so you can carry with your hands or shoulders. And then, of course, all rolling duffle bags have wheels and handles so you can roll them, which can be great when you have a lot in tow or straight-up just don’t feel like carrying your bag for once.

Plus, for the rolling duffle bags that lean more duffle than luggage, when you’re not using them, they’ll be a lot more compact than any other hard-bodied luggage.

For all the convenience rolling duffle bags offer, check out our favorite picks below. We’ve got a range of price points, sizes and styles so you have options.


1. Briggs & Riley Baseline-Softside Upright Rolling Duffle Bag


If you want the best damn rolling duffle bag money can buy, you want the Briggs & Riley Baseline-Softside Upright Rolling Duffle Bag. You can pick up this bag in a 27-inch or 29-inch size but you’ll have a ton of room either way.

The bag actually has two compartments. There’s a slim bottom compartment for flat items, delicates, professional clothes, toiletries or whatever you don’t want in the mix with everything else, and then there’s the large duffle compartment top that you can pack to the brim. You also get two wheels and two legs on the duffle so you can stand the bag up when you’re not dragging it by the handle.

Overall, this rolling duffle bag is just well-made and durable. For instance, it uses strong ballistic nylon for the outer fabric, which helps prevent any rips and tears.

On the downside, this bag does cost a lot. But it’s designed to last and Briggs & Riley backs it up with a lifetime guarantee, which includes damage from airlines, no questions asked. That’s about as good a guarantee for a travel bag as you’ll ever get.

27-inch Briggs & Riley Upright Rolling Duffle Bag in Olive Courtesy of Amazon


2. Eagle Creek No Matter What Rolling Duffel Bag


For something closer to a duffle bag with wheels, we like the Eagle Creek No Matter What Rolling Duffel Bag. We’re not exaggerating when we say it’s just a well-made duffle with solid, sizable treaded wheels.

The bag’s made from a durable, water-resistant fabric with reinforced stress points and also features a kick plate to help protect the wheel housing. It also has durable handles that snap together and a detachable shoulder strap.

We think the 30-inch bag will be good enough for most trips, but you can always upgrade to the 36-inch bag if you know you’ll need the room.

Though the bag’s not exactly fancy, it totally nails the duffle part of the rolling duffle bag and is backed up by Eagle Creek’s Warranty and lifetime guarantee.

Eagle Creek Rolling Duffle Bag in blue Courtesy of Amazon


3. Olympia Rolling Duffel Bag


If you’re looking for a big, cheap rolling duffle bag, you could do much worse than the Olympia Rolling Duffel Bag. First, you can get it in 22-inch, 26-inch, 29-inch or 33-inch sizes, which is helpful depending on how much you usually travel with. The bag’s made from strong polyester and also has lots of pockets for easy access to important travel items and a spacious main compartment no matter which size bag you go for. If you want to carry the bag manually, you can use the strap handles, but if you want to roll it, you’ve got two wheels and a sliding handle.

Overall, this is a basic rolling duffle bag. The wheels are normal size, the bag won’t really stand up without your holding it and the sliding handle isn’t the best, but the bag will keep your stuff together and roll when you need it to.

22-inch Olympia 8 pocket rolling duffle bag in black Courtesy of Amazon


4. Travelers Club Expandable Rolling Duffle Bag


For a bare but nonetheless convenient budget-priced rolling duffle bag, the Travelers Club Expandable Rolling Duffle Bag is a good option.

It’s basically a large, collapsible polyester duffle bag with cheap wheels on the bottom. So it’s got a strap and handles that Velcro together for carrying and it doesn’t have a sliding handle to roll the bag or any frame to give it structure. But if it did, it couldn’t collapse into a compact bag for storage, which is useful when you won’t need the bag for a while.

At its full size, it can hold 91L of things, which is just a lot for a budget bag. But with a budget bag like this, the wheels are not great and it’s clear the bag just wasn’t designed to be a full-time roller.

But if you need packable storage on the cheap, this rolling duffle bag will deliver that in spades.

Travelers Club Expandable Rolling Duffle Bag in black and red Courtesy of Amazon


5. Patagonia Black Hole Wheeled Duffel Bag


You can always count on Patagonia for durable gear and the Patagonia Black Hole Wheeled Duffel Bag is no exception.

This rolling duffle bag is made from a recycled polyester ripstop fabric coated in a TPU-film laminate and durable water-repellent finish to make the bag water- and weather-resistant. You can count on oversized wheels to handle wicked city streets as easily as the airport carpets and the bag is easy to pull along thanks to the frame sheet and sliding handle. And if you don’t want to drag it, you can always use the reinforced haul handles to carry it.

Whether you go for the 70L bag or the 100L bag, you will have a ton of storage space and easy access for essential travel items through the zippered external side pocket or the mesh pockets in the lid.

Patagonia Black Hole Wheeled Duffle Bag in green Courtesy of Patagonia


6. Fila Lightweight Carry-On Rolling Duffel Bag


If you don’t need a ton of storage and want something more compact, like a carry-on, the Fila Lightweight Carry-On Rolling Duffel Bag will be perfect for you. It’s made from durable polyester and features in-line wheels and an internal sliding handle for structure and easy standing and rolling. It also features four side pockets, hand handles, a bungee cord mesh at the top and a single main compartment.

At 22-inches long, this bag offers plenty of room, but it’s not as stuffable as less rigid bags, which is actually a pro if you want a bag of a consistent size.

Fila 22-inch rolling duffle bag in black Courtesy of Amazon


7. Athalon 15-Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag


If you’re a hyper-organized traveler, having lots of pockets to divide up your things might be helpful. That’s what Athalon promises with its 15-Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag.

The 34-inch bag is made from polyester and ballistic nylon bottoms for durability and features in-line wheels and a sliding handle and frame for rolling. Then there are the 15 pockets to satisfy your need to organize, including mesh lid pockets, interior zippered pockets, shoe pockets, a mesh toiletry pouch and four exterior pockets.

Athalon 15 pocket rolling duffle bag in denim Courtesy of Amazon


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