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The Best Way To De-Wrinkle Your Clothes Isn’t With an Iron

* Portable steamer for quick and consistent removal of wrinkles from clothing
* Compact size allows for easy storage and business travel
* Works on all fabric types and features automatic shut-off function

Whether you’re traveling for an important business meeting or are heading to a job interview, wrinkle-free clothing can often make all the difference when it comes to making an impression and looking professional. But when you’re away from home, an ironing board and iron can be hard to come by. Luckily, the hand-held portable fabric steamer from URPOWER will give you wrinkle-free clothing in a pinch– wherever and whenever.

One of the biggest advantages of using a steamer versus an iron, is that steamers can be used on every type of fabric, including delicate fabrics like silk, wedding dresses and they can even be used to sanitize your children’s plush toys safely. So even if you’re not a frequent flier, this mini-steamer will definitely come handy.

Featuring a compact design, this lightweight steamer is easily stored at home or in your suitcase between your clothing while travelling.

When you need to de-wrinkle your clothes, simply fill the 130ml water tank and plug the device in. As you move the steam dispenser over your clothing, you will begin to see the wrinkles disappear like magic.

Each full tank of water provides between 7 and 10 minutes of steaming, and you only need to wait 2 minutes for the steamer to reach wrinkle-destroying mode.

The steam nozzle has been specially designed to provide consistent and powerful steam, while the comfortable handle won’t burn your hand.

For your safety, the device features an automatic shut-off if the water level becomes too low. The garment steamer also includes overheating and electric leakage protection, making it a convenient and safe option for any household.

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