Don’t Worry, These Super Strong Umbrellas Won’t Flip Upside Down

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Is there anything worse than being caught in a rainstorm and having your umbrella flip inside out? As far as daily weather annoyances, that’s pretty close to ranking at the top of our list. Nothing says failure quite like an umbrella shoved in a garbage can.

When looking for umbrellas, finding an option that is windproof and durable is key to staying dry and avoiding the dreaded flip. Here are three super strong umbrellas that will keep your dry even in the windiest of rainstorms.

1. Dryzle Reverse Inverted Inside Out Umbrella

The Dryzle Reverse Inverted Inside Out Umbrella has an auto-open button that makes it easy to stay dry with only one hand. The unique design includes an inverted closure that ‘collects’ the water, storing it inside the umbrella and not on you. Customers love that the Dryzle keeps them dry with its unique design and windproof-grade strength.

Dyzle Reverse Inverted Inside Out Umbrella

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2. Elyzia Travel Umbrella

The Elyzia Travel Umbrella may look like your average travel umbrella, but it’s anything but. The tiny but mighty umbrella packs a huge punch in a small package and even smaller price tag. The Elyzia Travel Umbrella is made with an adjusting flex frame composed of fiberglass and steel, making it able it withstand winds up to 60 mph while weighing less than a pound. Who knew an umbrella could be magic?

Elyzia Travel Umbrella

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3. Smati Stick Umbrella

The Smati Stick Umbrella makes moving through even the worst rain storms a (light) breeze. Our team loves the umbrella’s clear shell, which allows customers to remain fully covered at all times while still able to see what’s around them. The Smati comes with an automatic open and is windproof, two important features that you’ll appreciate on a rainy day.

Smati Stick Umbrella

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