Wrap it Up: The Best Surf Bags to Keep Your Board Fresh

padded board bag on beach
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Surfboard bags are the surf gear essential that are often overlooked. Not only will they keep your board free of dings and scuffs, but they’ll also greatly improve your surfboard’s lifespan (saving you money down the line). It’s an obvious necessity if you’re traveling with your board or using it often, but it’s also a good idea if you don’t surf that regularly and want to properly store your board.

When buying a surfboard bag, there are a couple of things to consider. Firstly, you’ll need to decide between a simple cloth bag (a.k.a “sock bag”) and a more serious padded bag. Cloth bags are cheaper, but they only partially protect against sunlight, scrapes and scuffs. The cloth won’t keep your board safe from dings, so we recommend it if your surf commute is fairly easy and you don’t plan on traveling with your board. Padded bags, on the other hand, work to keep your slab free of dings from drops or accidental knocks, but they demand a slightly higher price tag.

If you’re looking to invest in a surfboard bag, we’re here to help. We rounded up some of the best board bags at all price points, including cloth and padded bags for longboards or shortboards. Check them out below.


1. PAMGEA Surfboard Sock Cover

If you’re on a tight budget and just need a simple sock cover, this Pamgea surfboard bag is a great option. They’re all under $40 (no matter the board length) and feature a padded nose for a bit more protection up front. Will they protect your board against serious damage? No. But, if you’ve recently upgraded from craigslist to something custom, you owe it to yourself to have some basic protection for your new ride, especially if you store your board outdoors.

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2. FCS Travel Bag 6′ ft-7’ft

FCS makes a certified travel case for surfboards. It is a secure way to transfer your board via plane or bus without fear of dings or scrapes or worse. Always be sure to pad the bag with foam and towels for extra security because it only takes one wrong move to ding the nose or tail, and then you’re in a shop for repairs instead of surfing the waves with your friends. The best feature of the FCS bag is the internal layer of extra protection along the zipper line, which will keep your rails safe from harsh landings. There is space for a name tag and all of your important information. This surfboard bag comes in a variety of sizes for every board. It’s the preferred brand by pro surfers around the world.

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3. Curve Surfboard Bag (Shortboard)

For a few more bucks, you can upgrade your shortboard storage to this padded bag from Curve. It features a reinforced reflective tarpaulin material that blocks all sunlight and keeps your board ding-free. Plus, it has a pocket stash for wetsuits and gear. If you’re planning on a post-pandemic surf trip that involves an airplane, this is a great surfboard bag to bring along.

Padded Board Bag Shortboard Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Curve Surfboard Bag (Longboard)

Curve also makes this high-quality yet affordable padded bag for your longboard. With options for boards up to 10.5 feet long, you’ll most likely be able to find a bag for any length longboard, and you won’t break the bank (as many longboard bags do).

Longboard Cover Padded Bag Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Ho Stevie! Surfboard Sock Cover

Another great budget-friendly sock cover is this Ho Stevie! Cloth bag. It also comes in at under $40 and comes extremely highly-rated with over 750 reviews and 4.7 stars on Amazon. Plus, it features an inner storage pocket for fins and surf wax.

Cloth Surfboard Bag Longboard Image courtesy of Amazon


6. OceanBroad Travel Bag

OceanBroad has an excellent sturdy travel bag for surfers who are keen on protecting their boards. The heavy-duty reflective shell acts as a double shield against bumps and dings while being transported among other luggage or from the roof of your car. Sometimes it’s the simple fall that does it and before you know it, you’re caught in the repair shop trying to get the tail fixed. The OceanBroad travel bag is made with top-grade materials, reinforced stitching, and extra padding along the zippers so the rails aren’t damaged by the bag itself. A great travel bag for the adventure-seeking surfer.

OceanBroad Travel Bag Courtesy of Amazon


7. Pro-lite Rhino Travel Bag

The perk of the Rhino travel bag? It holds two boards so you can bring one for a friend or squeeze in your other favorite board, the one you swear you’d never leave home without. The best thing about surfboard bags is the amount of padding you can squeeze in yourself via extra towels wrapped around the nose and tucked against the rails and cutting pieces of foam to fit snugly on the tail. It’s a real do-it-yourself project despite the thick material the bag provides because who doesn’t want to be extra cautious when it comes to traveling? Get yourself a Rhino bag and start traveling ASAP.

Pro-lite Rhino Travel Bag Amazon


8. Dakine John Florence Travel Bag

Okay, this is good. Dakine mixing its perfect brand with the legendary John John Florence? You gotta be kidding me. Dakine is already a reputable surf brand in terms of gear, clothing, you name it and to add John to the brand can only mean good things. You’d buy a bag that Tiger Woods put his name on, wouldn’t ya? The Dakine Travel Bag is an excellent choice for traveling surfers because of its heavy-duty material that will withstand all the manhandling TSA will put your bag through as it goes from your arms to the plane. But don’t worry, it has all the juicy perks every board bag needs: ripstop nylon to prevent tears, a heat reflecting energy shield bottom, closed-cell foam padding and a stash pocket for valuables when you’re on the road to your next favorite wave. Take this bag with you to every destination and keep your board intact.

Dakine John Florence Travel Bag Courtesy of Amazon


9. Dakine Regulator Triple Board Travel Bag

Dakine has many great products and if you’re traveling with more than one board, you’re in luck, they have an excellent travel bag made just for that. Made from rip-stop nylon to prevent any type of tear or wear while traveling, this heavy-duty material will keep your valuable and expensive surfboards tucked away safely. Made with closed-cell technology, your surfboards are sure to arrive safely. The bag can be stored neatly out of sight while traveling or tucked away into a gear closet. An excellent choice for the avid surfer who brings all of their favorite boards with them wherever they go.

Dakine Regulator Triple Board Travel Bag Amazon


10. Dorsal Board Bag

The Dorsal travel bag is an excellent contender for surfers to check out. Made with a durable, heavy-duty material that will keep your board from being dinged while in transit, it has a reinforced nose cone and is made with thermal flow technology. The Dorsal bag has a neoprene padded handle and a padded shoulder strap so don’t worry about carrying your favorite boards. This is a great choice for anyone seeking a high-quality bag at an affordable price.

Dorsal Board Bag Courtesy of Amazon