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The 12 Best Tactical Belts for Outdoor Adventures

Where would our pants be without belts? A belt is an essential item in both everyday life and out of the ordinary activities. They’re one of the best accessories for both men and women. Their capabilities, adaptability and advanced designs are to be appreciated, especially when it comes to tactical belts. For anyone who did their time in scouts growing up, you know it’s rule number one to always be prepared. And, for those who didn’t, just trust us. You’re going to want one of these tactical belts on your next adventure. 

Tactical-style belts are generally made of some type of sturdy nylon, webbing material, are adjustable to fit an array of sizes and purposes. If you’re looking to up your outdoor adventure game, including hiking, hunting, cycling and the like, then you’ll be wanting to invest in the best tactical belt for the job. 

More and more, tactical belts are becoming a fashionable choice rather than a purely functional one. However, beyond their style, the quality of a tactical belt and the security that it provides cannot be denied.

There are two main components to any belt, whether tactical gear or not. Those are the strap and the buckle. This is no different when it comes to tactical belts, but there are some style and material variations that are worth keeping in mind when selecting yours. 

Best Buckle Features

When shopping for a tactical belt, look for these elements in the buckle.

  • Material – You may think that the obvious choice of material for your tactical belt buckle is some sort of metal. But, it’s becoming more common and more logical for the buckle to be made of a non-metallic material. For example, plastic buckles are ideal for those who will be passing through metal detectors often, as they don’t set off metal detectors. However, there are still plenty of styles available that do opt for a traditional, metal buckle and are extremely sturdy for doing so.
  • Weight – The material you choose for your buckle (as mentioned above) will impact the weight of it, and sometimes not by an insignificant amount. It’s worth considering this when purchasing, as you don’t want to be weighed down before you’ve even attached your tactical pouches and other items. 
  • Release – Many tactical belts will feature a quick-release button. However, you will find others that have further security layers, such as D-loops, to ensure a more secure attachment. The latter will take slightly longer to take off. Consider the task for which you’ll be using your belt and whether the speed of wearing is a priority over the security of its fastening, or the other way around. 

Best Strap Features

Likewise, when searching for the best tactical belt for you, these are the elements to look for in the strap.

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  • Material – A high-density material is a very good idea to have in your tactical belt. You’ll find that most tactical belts will be made of nylon. You may also come across leather options. The most important thing about the material of your tactical belt is that it’s super strong, durable and top quality. Both nylon and leather tick these boxes.
  • Width – Steer clear of any tactical belts under 1.5 inches in width. A width of between 1.5 and two inches is ideal for strength and will ensure that the belt can fit through most pant loops. However, you may find that the buckle is larger than this, so it will need to be detached before you thread the strap through. 
  • Attachments – There are all kinds of attachments you can buy for your new tactical belt. Most are designed with a specific adventure in mind, such as shooting, hiking or first aid, but there are also generic pockets and pouches available that you could use for storing and carrying whatever you like.
  • MOLLE– MOLLE is a key feature of tactical equipment for many top military and utility products. It stands for Modular Light-Weight Load-Carrying Equipment and looks like small elastic strips that can be used for storage, organization and attachments. It’s most often found on strap attachments, but you may also find some belts with it directly on the material, too. 

We have found 12 options that serve a variety of purposes and most importantly will allow you the comfort and flexibility to do your best. Check out the below list and choose your new tactical belt.


1. BESTKEE Tactical Belt


It’s no wonder that the BESTKEE Tactical Belt is the best of its kind. It has over 6,000 Amazon reviews and a stellar 4.5-star rating. All aspects of what a tactical belt should be are covered along with the awesome additions of a MOLLE key holder and MOLLE pouch attachment. This belt is suitable for waists up to 46 inches and designed for both everyday and outdoor use. This is certainly a lot of tactical belt for your money.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


2. IDEATECH Tactical Belt


As far as tactical belts that cost under $10 go, this is the best. IDEATECH has made it possible for you to invest in a strong, stylish wardrobe staple without breaking the bank. This belt has all the sought-after features of the most desired, most expensive and best-reviewed tactical belts but with a much lower price tag. Plus, we love the combination of plastic and metal on the buckle. This belt really is a great deal.

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3. Tru-Spec Security Friendly Tactical Belt


Tru-spec is one of the leading suppliers of uniforms and personal equipment to military and law enforcement who use and depend on their products every day. Their security-friendly belt is made of durable nylon that won’t rip or tear. It also features a non-metallic buckle for easy, quick clearance at security checkpoints, so you never have to be worried about being stopped in your tracks.

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4. AGPtek Tactical Belt


The Velcro covered areas on the inside of this belt enable you to prepare the exact size that you need for a complete closure when worn. By pre-setting the size of the belt, there will not be any flapping of excess materials or loose ends that may get in the way of your task. The two-inch-wide belt is made from a high-density material that is made to last. This is a truly reliable tactical belt for a very modest price.

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5. Jasgood Tactical Belt


Jasgood’s Military Belt is just as stylish as it is sturdy, and it has an automatic slide buckle. Made from breathable ratchet nylon material, this belt can bear the weight of 500 kilograms. The ratchet nylon material combined with the automatic slide buckle makes it possible to put this belt on in no time at all. And to remove it, you simply press the release on the buckle to allow for slack. This tactical belt is available in five different styles that will complement anyone’s wardrobe.

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6. CQR Tactical Belt


If you’re looking for belt backup, or just fancy another color option in your collection, then the CQR tactical belts have got you covered. They’re available for individual purchase or as a pack of two. Within the pack of two, there’s a double up on the classic black belt, or the option to choose grey, khaki or brown as the black belt’s accomplice instead. While these belts are simple in design, they won’t let you down in the field.

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7. JUKMO Tactical Belt


The stand out feature of JUKMO’s Tactical Belt is the buckle. It has a beautifully intricate design that’s brought to life in aluminum alloy. Just from looking at the buckle and its little details, you can see the level of thought the brand has put into making this the best tactical belt for you. The waist strap material is both stretchy and firm, so it will allow for comfortable movement when out in action, while still maintaining a solid fit. So, buckle up with this JUKMO Tactical Belt, and get out there.

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8. Condor Tactical Belt


The Condor Tactical Belt has two magazine pocket attachments, so you can store your backup bullets, ready for use. The belt itself is two inches wide, designed with extreme durability in mind and is bound by a quick-release buckle. Condor has used a specially designed material on the inside of the belt to prevent any slip or movement to ensure that your belt, and magazines, stay exactly where you need them, ready for quick access.

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9. Fairwin Tactical Belt


For the best belt to give as a gift, you want a Fairwin. There are few, if any, belt brands that have as good of a reputation as Fairwin does. Their tactical belt is no exception to that and also comes presented in a gift box, ready for you to give to your lucky family member or friend. It’s completed to military standards and is ideal for everyday use. This is a reliable belt that you know will never let you (or your pants) down.

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10. 5.11 Tactical TDU Belt


This tactical belt from 5.11 is the ultimate welcome into the world of more reliable, stronger and functional belts. It’s designed to be both ergonomic and affordable so that you can feel secure and well fitted without having to break the bank. The black buckle is non-metallic, so it will not set off metal detectors that may otherwise interrupt your journeys and cause delays. Furthermore, this belt has quadruple stitching reinforcements and is made to last. It’s also available in sizes small to triple extra-large, so it’s truly a belt for all.

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11. Wolf Tactical Belt


To ensure total security and avoid any slipping when wearing your tactical belt, Wolf Tactical has incorporated a D-Ring along with a Velcro hook and loop. The Velcro end can be attached back onto the belt for a slick and non-flap closure. The belt itself is made from two layers of nylon webbing that have been reinforced for a stronger finish. Both fashionable and functional, this is one of the best tactical aids from one of the best belt brands.

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12. 5.11 Tactical Trainer Belt


This is the second belt from 5.11 in our roundup, but that’s to be expected as they’re one of the best military and tactical product-focused brands around the world. Although this belt looks simple, its advanced design and material make it one of the best on the market and a good investment for anyone looking to buy a tactical belt. It’s available in sizes small all the way up to four times extra-large and also in eight different color variations.

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