Stay Comfortable and Warm on Your Next Flight With These 7 Carry-On Travel Blankets

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While it’s often the fastest way to get from place to place, traveling on a plane can be a bit of a hassle. Between the lack of legroom, less than ideal seatmates, and noisy conditions, it can be difficult to fully relax. Furthermore, the plane’s air conditioning can be wildly unpredictable. Bringing extra layers takes up lots of space, which leaves people searching for a better alternative.

That’s where a travel blanket comes in handy. While they’re not explicitly limited to just flights, having a travel blanket can be quite helpful in making sure you’re as comfortable as can be during the course of your flight. Lightweight and small, they don’t take up a lot of space in your carry-on, making them ideal to keep you warm and relaxed while you cruise to your destination. Below, we’ve selected seven of our favorites to keep you cozy — even if the environment around you isn’t.


1. Comfort Plus 3-in-1 Microfleece Travel Blanket


Space is already at a premium when you’re on an airplane, so having a travel blanket that’s capable of rolling down into small, compact package is going to make all the difference in the world. That’s the case with this blanket from Comfort Plus. With plenty of added value (it can be used as a blanket, neck roll, or nap pillow) it more than justifies its price point. Additionally, the silky soft 200-gram microfleece will comfort and cradle you as you set off on your latest and greatest adventure.

Comfort Plus 3-in-1 Microfleece Travel Blanket Courtesy of Amazon

2. World’s Best Microfleece Travel Blanket


If you’re looking for a travel blanket that’s a good upgrade from the standard version that some airlines provide, this option from World’s Best absolutely fits the bill. With its fleece-knit construction, it doesn’t even come close to feeling as cheap as its price point. The soft and cozy nature of the blanket will transform even the most uncomfortable of flights into something far more bearable.

World's Best Microfleece Travel Blanket Courtesy of Amazon

3. Pembrook Fleece Travel Blanket


If you’ve already made the plunge into the world of travel blankets and need to replace an old version or just have a bit more cash to spend, this version from Pembrook is a must-have. With an area of 51 x 63 inches, it provides enough coverage for not only your flight but at home too (giving it a nice bit of versatility). With a super soft microfleece construction, it’ll keep you warm without overheating you. Oh, and it’s got a travel handle so you can tote it around with ease.

Pembrook Fleece Travel Blanket Courtesy of Amazon

4. Cocoon CoolMax Travel Blanket


Temperatures on flights can often go up and down quicker than the stock market on a given day. Which is why having something to help better regulate your temperature can be such a godsend on a plane. This CoolMax travel blanket from Cocoon does just that: by boasting breathability and moisture-wicking fabric, the blanket helps to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. In short, even if the plane’s temps are wildly all over the map, you’ll never notice.

Cocoon CoolMax Travel Blanket Courtesy of Amazon

5. Matador Pocket Travel Blanket


We’ll be the first to admit that we frequently overpack for a majority of our trips. We’d rather have too many options than not enough, you know? If you find yourself at all in this category, this travel blanket from Matador should be your blanket of choice. Roughly the same size as a deck of playing cards, the blanket folds out to a whopping 64 by 44 inches for plenty of coverage. Additionally, the fabric is tear-resistant, so there’s no need to worry about getting too aggressive when you go to fold it back into its pouch.

Matador Pocket Travel Blanket Courtesy of Amazon

6. Rumpl Down Travel Blanket


For those that get really cold on planes, this down travel blanket from outdoor brand Rumpl ensures that you’ll hardly feel any tendrils of a chill. Sadly, the tradeoff for such a hefty blanket is a slightly larger carrying bag and a significantly higher price tag than other options on this list. However, those trade-offs are worth it to provide such a warm blanket in such a small package. The other factor at play here is the stunning and vivid colors that make it one of a kind.

Rumpl Down Travel Blanket Courtesy of REI

7. Proglobe Travel Blanket Set


If you’d prefer to go ahead and get not only a travel blanket but a complete set, this version from Proglobe has all the essentials you’ll need in one convenient package. The set includes a 3D-contoured eye mask to fully block light, earplugs to cancel noise, a memory foam pillow for your neck, and a luxe polar-fleece blanket to keep you warm. That blanket also doubles as a carrying bag for the entire set. Once you’re off the plane, slip the entire set over the handle of your carry on and roll on home or to your next destination.

Proglobe Travel Blanket Set Courtesy of Amazon

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