Zaney Zs: 4 Bizzare-Looking Travel Pillows That Actually Work

Best Travel Pillows Flights Road Trips
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* Finally get some sleep on long flights and road trips
* Products that upgrade the old U-shaped travel pillow
* Weird designs that work surprisingly well

Catching some Zs on the plane or during a long car ride is great, but for many of us, just getting comfy is tough, so falling asleep is near impossible.

Regular U-shaped travel pillows don’t really cut it, but recently the travel pillow market has seen some major upgrades with new, ergonomically designed products to help you sleep comfortably — no matter where you are. But for some reason, it turns out that the best pillows for sleeping anywhere tend to look pretty wacky. However, we think some rejuvenating rest is well worth a few odd looks.

Check out the best travel pillows below.

1. Sencezo Inflatable Travel Pillow

This pillow from Sencezo inflates to keep your spine and head supported while you sleep in your airplane seat. Plus, it only costs $24, and includes earplugs and a sleep mask for uninterrupted snoozing.

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2. Little Cloud Nine Travel Pillow

This travel pillow from Little Cloud Nine allows you to doze off while sitting almost completely upright. When inflated, it sits on your lap, providing a place to rest your face and holes to keep your hands contained (instead of flopping into your neighbor’s seat).

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3. Travelrest Neck Pillow

With over 2,500 reviews and four stars, this Travelrest neck pillow comes very highly rated. It wraps around your body or down your side, providing a sturdy place to rest your noggin. Plus, it can actually be attached to an airplane or car seat for extra support.

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4. Ostrich Pillow

The Ostrich Pillow is one of the most recognizable new travel pillows, but it’s also probably the best. Its wacky design lets you get comfy almost anywhere, including an airplane seat, your desk, or a car. Check out our full lived-in review of the notorious pillow here.

How to Nap Anywhere Ostrich Pillow Image courtesy of Amazon


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