Reviewers Say These Awkwardly-Shaped Travel Pillows Are Way More Comfortable Than They Look

Best Travel Pillows for Sleeping On
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We finally have some cleverly designed travel pillows that let us sleep on airplanes… but they look a little weird.

If you’re planning on traveling this summer, a good pillow will upgrade the whole experience. Whether you’re flying or road tripping, being able to get some quality shut-eye while traveling will make everything more enjoyable. Now, there are pillows that actually offer proper support for sleeping (instead of the old half-circle travel pillows).

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Nice pillows 😍

However, there is one caveat when getting decent rest with these new pillows: they look a little odd. You might not even believe that they work just by looking at them, but trust the thousands of good reviews; they really work. Read on for the highest-rated (but most awkward-looking) travel pillows you can buy right now.

1. Travelrest

The Travelrest has become very popular thanks to a simple over-the-shoulder fit, a convenient inflatable design and a decent price tag. It’s shaped like a giant U that you can either sling across your body to rest your head, or wrap around your shoulder for a more upright position.

Travel Pillow Inflatable ShoulderImage courtesy of Amazon


2. SkySiesta Travel Pillow

This travel pillow called the SkySiesta frames your face with cushions, keeping your head upright while you doze off. However, this unique design does look… well… unique to say the least.

Neck Pillow AirplaneImage courtesy of Amazon


3. J-Pillow Travel Pillow

If you were a fan of classic travel pillows, you’ll love the J-Pillow. It essentially upgrades the old mini U-shape with a clever J-shape that provides support for your head, neck and chin. It comes very highly-rated with 4 stars and over 6,700 reviews, as users say it works great against windows and in airplane seats.

Car Pillow J-shaped NeckImage courtesy of Amazon


4. Trtl Pillow

The Trtl pillow is probably the most elegant of the modern travel pillows. It looks like a large scarf, but it features hidden supports that keep your head and neck comfortable while sleeping in a sitting position. Before catching some Zs, just wrap it around your neck and chin.

Neck Pillow Scarf TravelImage courtesy of Amazon


5. Ostrich Pillow Go

Ostrich has been a leading brand in the intelligently-designed (yet weird-looking) travel pillow trend, and this Go is one of their latest products. It features a memory foam build and a simple design that wraps around your neck and provides a place to rest your cheek.

Travel Pillow Memory FoamImage courtesy of Amazon