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Travel With This $20 Mini Safe and Never Worry About Your Stuff Getting Stolen Again

* Protect your stuff with this handy portable safe
* Use it for passports, wallets, phones, and watches
* Ideal for travelers, but also great for everyday use

Nothing ruins a trip quicker than getting your stuff stolen, but sadly, it happens. A lot.

If you’re thinking of setting off on an adventure soon, we highly recommend investing in this handy portable safe from Master Lock. It uses a cable to lock onto secure objects (benches, trees, bed frames, etc) while you go about your day, care-free.

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The safe is big enough to fit personal belongings like your passport, wallet, phone, and watch, but small enough to tuck into a suitcase or backpack. It’s water-resistant, and features a shock absorbing lining, so you don’t have to worry about your phone and gadgets getting broken, even if you accidentally drop or knock the safe off its perch.

The safe is ideal for travelers, especially if you’re staying in a hostel, Airbnb, or a hotel without a safe, but it’s also great for everyday use as well. Protect your essentials on the beach while swimming, on the sidelines while playing a sport, or in your car while going for a run. It’s also convenient for people who are moving around often, such as students, who don’t want to lug a heavy safe from place to place.

Plus, with over 1,700 positive reviews on Amazon, you can rest-assured that this safe will actually protect your stuff. Users say it’s easy to use, and especially convenient for phones, wallets, and other essentials that they don’t want — and can’t afford — to lose.

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