Dry Data: The 4 Best Waterproof Hard Drive Cases Under $20

best hard drive cases
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* Inexpensive protection for valuable data
* Shockproof and water resistant hard drive cases
* Stylish and versatile

As anyone who’s seen a modern spy movie can attest to, the data on a hard drive can be almost infinitely more valuable than the storage medium itself. And unlike all but the most unique of physical objects, the data on hard drives may often be irreplaceable.

This is where hard drive cases come in: an essential for your emergency preparedness kit and a must-have among your travel supplies, waterproof hard drive cases help keep your data safe and dry when adventure calls. A good waterproof case is especially necessary for ski trips and backpacking outings, as well as boating and sailing. These five cases are shockproof and moisture resistant yet can be had for under $20, representing a great value for the peace of mind they offer.

1. Lacdo EVA Case

This shockproof carrying case for 2.5-inch portable external hard drives is made of PU leather water resistant material and features a handy elastic pocket to keep cords, plus a sleeve perfectly sized for SD or CF cards, making it great for travel photographers. It also features a neat carabiner ring.

Lacdo EVA Case Image Courtesy Amazon


2. Lacdo Hard Case

This hard case from Lacdo uses a dual buffer layer and inner-zippered soft sleeve to protect portable hard drives from drops and scratching. It’s also weather-sealed and water resistant and features loops for easy packing and carrying.

Lacdo Hard Case Image Courtesy Amazon


3. HDE Ultra-Slim Hard Drive Case

The ultra slim hard drive case from HDE is shockproof and water resistant yet not at all bulky. Its slender profile comes in handy since a portable hard drive case is only useful in your travel kit if you actually take it with you, after all. It fits 2.5-inch drives from Seagate, Kingston, Western Digital and more.

HDE shockproof carrying case Image Courtesy Amazon


4. Lacdo Super Drive Case

A stylish, water resistant case designed for the size and shape of the Apple Super Drive, as well as various hard drives and external power packs by Samsung and others, this case benefits from added versatility and clean design. Along with its moisture-proof canvass-styled exterior, this Lacdo case includes a shockproof inner bubble.

Lacdo super drive case Image Courtesy Amazon