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Traveling Home for the Holidays? Go Carry-On Only With This Ballerina Weekend Bag

Made for weekend trips and overnights, this Large Capacity Travel Bag for Women can hold everything you’ll need on a holiday away or a city break with the girls.

It’s available in a variety of attractive designs, but our favorite is the ballerina dancer print, featured in the photo above.

Inside, the bag features one large compartment, which holds everything you need, from your cosmetic case to spare clothes. You’ll also find a range of small interior pockets to ensure that smaller items remain easy to find, helping to prevent those frustrating “oh, where is it?” moments.

With two printed sides and 20-inches of length, this travel bag has enough space to keep even overly cautious packers happy.

There’s no need to worry about the weather either. This sturdy bag is made from waterproof fabric, ensuring your belongings stay safe inside.

And in-airport dashes have been made just that little bit easier by the bag’s carrying handles, which can be used whether you prefer to carry the bag by hand or over your shoulder.

The durable luggage tag also allows quick identification of the bag, preventing any unwanted “comedy film” mix ups. Although, we’re pretty sure you’ll always know which bag is yours given this unique prints.

With its chic style and long-lasting build, this travel friendly duffel bag is ideal for those short breaks and family visits, especially around the festive period.

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