Here’s Why Everyone Should Own a Set of These Best-Selling Bungee Cords

best bungee cords
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PROS: Bungee cords help you secure all sorts of items, from furniture to outdoor gear.
CONS: If not properly secured, they can come undone.
TAKEAWAY: Incredibly convenient. More uses than you’d imagine.

Bungee cords aren’t just for strapping a bag to the back of your bike. They have hundreds of uses on-the-go and around your house. They’re great for securing and storing loose lumber; you can use them to hang bikes in the garage; the small ones can help you tidy up drawers by wrapping up all those pens and pencils; you can even tidy up messy computer cables. Plus, they’re essential for hand carts when you’re moving.

More uses: you can secure sleeping bags and drinks to your backpack while hiking. And, you should always keep one (or more) in your car to tie down your trunk or hatchback when hauling large loads. Get my point? You need bungee cords, and here are four great sets to consider.

1. RHINO USA Bungee Cords With Hooks

This RHINO USA Bungee Cord set gives you 28-pieces of functionality. They can resist up to 185 pounds. And, the hooks are made of ultra-durable, non-scratching ABS coated metal.

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2. Kotap BB-6B Ball Bungee, 25-Piece

Don’t like hooks? Try these Kotap Ball Bungees. You just wrap whatever you’re securing and slip the ball under the elastic to get it to hold tight. These 6-inch bungees are great for tying up all those loose items around your house, computer cables, makeup bag essentials, and more.

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3. Strapright Bungee Cord With Carabiners, 6-Pack

Hooks sometimes come undone. Bungee balls can sometimes slip out. So, if you want that extra peace of mind protection, try these Strapright Bungee Cords with carabiners on the ends. They click and close to hold tight. And, at 60-inches long, you can wrap around large cargo loads.

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4. HeavyWeight Flat Bungee Cords, 4-pack

What’s the advantage of a flat bungee cord? They’re ideal for spreading pressure along a greater surface area in order to prevent denting and cutting into things like boxes and equipment. Basically, they have a gentler touch. But, they’re still tough and hold tight.

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