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These Hacky Cooking Gadgets Are Designed For Camping Trips

* Cooking while camping requires careful planning and forethought
* These 4 kitchen tools allow you to cook over a campfire with ease
* Items include utensil sets, grills and Dutch oven tripods

As the weather improves, it’s time to start thinking about enjoying the great outdoors. One of the best ways to do so is to go camping in the company of friends and family. Nothing can compare to sleeping under the stars, hiking all day in the fresh air and cooking over a campfire.

All of that might sound idyllic, but reality is often a little different. Camping is a lot of work and cooking outside requires a lot of forethought. Of course, a few hacks can make preparing a delicious meal quite a bit simpler.

Before your departure, be sure to plan a comprehensive menu and prep your food. Then, ensure you have the proper equipment to actually cook your meals. That’s where this list comes in. These four hacky cooking gadgets are actually designed for camping trips. Get one or all of them and become known as the campfire masterchef on your next outing.

1. Texsport Over Fire Camp Grill

If you’ve ever been to a state park or national campground, you’ll know the firepits and the included grills are often derelict. You wouldn’t want to put your food anywhere close to those flimsy metal grates. Plus, they often don’t even come close to the hotspot in the fire. Solve that problem by carrying your own

. This device is made from high-quality steel with a mesh grill top and is designed to handle cast iron cookware. As an added bonus, the legs on this grill fold underneath for easy transport.

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2. Life 2 Go 9-Piece Camp Kitchen Utensil Set

You’ve got your grill and you’re ready to make the perfect campfire meal, but have you thought about how you’re going to actually cook and eat your food? That’s where the

comes in handy. This bag contains a range of stainless steel kitchen essentials, including a spatula, serving spoon, chef knife, cutting board and more. This set has pretty much everything you need to make a professional-level meal while camping. Plus, this item would make a great Father’s Day or birthday gift for the outdoors lover you know.

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3. Stansport Cast Iron Campfire Tripod

Most campers agree that the best-tasting campfire food is made in cast iron. But those pots are simply too heavy for most grills. To make a stew, casserole or even just the morning coffee, you’ll need a sturdy tripod, like the

, to hold your Dutch oven over the fire. This three-leg contraption comes with a nickel-plated chain and S-hook to hold your cookware and folds flat for easy transportation between campsites. When you aren’t using it for cooking, hang your lantern from the chain for extra lighting.

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4. TOMSHOO Camping Stove

If you happen to be backpacking rather than camping in a campground, the

ensures you no longer have to eat cold meals on the trail. This tiny stove folds down flat to a pocket size and weighs less than a pound, making it easy to carry anywhere. What’s even better is how it works. To cook your meal, simply construct a rectangular shape and fill it with twigs and leaves to begin your fire. Add the cross-stand trivet to make a stable cooking platform for any size pot. This is one hack you won’t want to leave home without.

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