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Camping on a Budget? Don’t Forget Your Swift Outdoor Portable Lightweight Single Parachute Hammock

Pitching a tent can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Ever think about camping in a hammock instead of a tent? A tent will weigh down your pack; hammocks only add ounces to your load. Even in the winter, a hammock, sleeping pad, and rain tarp can keep you warmer than most tents.

has made a durable hammock that stretches to give you the maximum comfort possible. Measuring 106″ L x 55″ W and weighing in a mere 18 ounces, this hammock is perfect for backpackers and hikers carrying a light load. This sturdy hammock comes in blue, green, and red. After a long day’s hike, you’ll get a perfect night’s sleep.

Made of 210T nylon, the hammock comes with two steel carabiners and two free-tying ropes, which are ideal for strapping across tree trunks and branches. This ultralight material dries quickly, is easy to clean, and can be washed in a washing machine.

The hammock can easily fit one person, a child, and a pet. It can hold as much as 380 pounds. Even when you’re not camping, the Swift Outdoor Parachute hammock makes a great sleeping station in hostels and living rooms.

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