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The Leather Duffel From Canyon Outback Falls Is the Perfect Bag for Everything

Travel in style with the Canyon Outback Falls 22-inch Leather Cabin Duffel Bag. Whether you’re en route to a business meeting, at lunch with a friend, or attending rehearsal dinner, this bag is the ideal accessory for any occasion. Never worry about committing a fashion crime; this brown leather bag goes with pretty much any outfit.

All of us have probably struggled at one point or another to find a bag that’s the perfect size. It’s annoying to carry a big, heavy suitcase, but it’s a whole other matter when your bag simply doesn’t have enough space. At 22-inches, this Canyon Leather Cabin Duffel fits everything you need for a grocery store trip or a week-long getaway.

Made of buffed full-grain cowhide leather, this durable and sturdy bag will last years with good care. It’s designed according to TSA standards. You can pack last minute small items in the exterior zipper pocket. The ergonomic detachable shoulder will lighten your load.

The 420/PVA backed lining and matching luggage tag makes this bag travel-ready. On sale for only $74.82 — a bag of this caliber and versatility is a steal.

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