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Daily Deal: Upgrade Your Road Trip With This $11 Pack of Sun Shades

* These sun shades are a road trip must-have
* Pack includes both transparent and semi-transparent shades
* Marked down 82% today

Going on a road trip any time soon? This $11 pack of sun shades will upgrade your whole ride.

The pack includes 4 sun shades (2 semi-transparent and 2 transparent shades), which usually cost $60, but today they’re marked down a whopping 82%. So for just $11, your road trip gets much more comfortable.

We’ve all been on a road trip at the wrong time, when the sun is beating on your face (or your passenger’s face) and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s hot and uncomfortable – two things that can truly ruin the fun of a great road trip. The fix? A dedicated sun shade like these from Kinder Fluff.

The semi-transparent sun shades included in the pack are the darkest car sun shades on the market – perfect for the napping kids in the backseat. The transparent sun shades are ideal for the driver’s window, as you can easily watch out for traffic and road signs while getting some shade. Plus, they cling to your windows using a static effect that requires no suction or sticky products.

The Kinder sun shades come very highly rated with 4.5 stars and over 4,200 reviews. Reviewers are especially impressed with the visibility provided by the transparent sun shade, and the clean, saran wrap-like stickiness provided by the static effect.

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