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Carry On My Wayward Son: 5 Luggage Rollers for Soaring Ever Higher

Whether you’re avoiding the hassle of checking a bag altogether (recommended!), or just want to optimize the luggage you’re bringing with you on the plane, these picks will have you rolling your way to greater travel efficiency in style. We’ve rounded up a collection of Spy-worthy carry on options at multiple price points, so there’s something for everyone from the budget-conscious backpacker to the business exec who demands serious performance.

G-RO Expandable Luggage

This rolltop fits a weekend’s worth of essentials and maintains a carry-on friendly 22-inch height.

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Payeel Luxury Aluminum Hardshell PC Case

Made of lightweight aluminum construction, this carry on-sized rolltop from Payeel features a TSA-friendly quick open laptop sleeve and ergonomic carry handles.

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Review: Away Travel Carry-On Suitcase

On top of being lightweight and supremely durable, every suitcase also comes with some fun bonuses, including a built-in USB charging port and waterproof laundry bag.

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Bluesmart One

This smart rolltop connects to your phone to share details like its location and weight: no more lost baggage or overage charges.

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OCCA Spinner Suitcase

Made of lightweight, aircraft-quality alloy construction, the well-made Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Spinner Suitcase is one of the most elegant and stylish choices on the luggage market today.

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