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Daily Deal: 3 Picks From Amazon’s Big Tumi Sale

You seriously don’t want to miss the deals Amazon is offering on Tumi Bags. Right now, the online giant has the coveted luggage on sale for up to 26% off, and we’ve rounded up our three favorites. Whether you need a new carry-on or just want a killer commuter bag, you’re sure to love one of our picks. Check out the list and shop below.

1. Alpha 2 Leather Organizer/Tote $375.00 $278.88

Crafted from genuine leather into an 11 x 8-inch silhouette, then outfitted with matte black zip closures and a fabric lining, this travel bag has a pocket for everything. An adjustable strap lets you carry it over the shoulder or across the body for added security. Originally priced at $375, get it now for $278.88–a savings of 26%.


2. Sinclair Camila Tote Bag $445.00 $333.75

Crafted from durable canvas, then lined in woven polyester, this versatile tote is easy to clean after spills and other unfortunate events that would ruin other bags. The roomy interior (11 x 25 inches) has enough space for everything you need on a long flight or your daily commute. Originally marked at $445, you can order it now for only $333.75–that’s 25% off.


3. V3 International Carry-On $475.00 $356.25

Durable polycarbonate material and an integrated TSA lock mean your belongings will remain safe and secure, even if you’re forced to check this sleek carry-on at the gate. A retractable top carry handle, three-stage telescoping handle and four recessed dual wheels allow dynamic navigation through crowded airports. Three zip pockets and tie-down straps keep you well organized. Measuring 14 x 22 x 9 inches and weighing under 7 pounds, it’s been marked down by 25% off the list price of $475–get it today for only $356.25.

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