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Expand Your Packing Horizons With the Delsey Expandable Spinner

* Polycarbonate finish
* Four pairs of spinner wheels
* Expands for extra storage

Finished in durable high gloss polycarbonate and boasting ergonomic handles, four pairs of glide-smooth rolling wheels and two inches of extra capacity, the Desley expandable spinner trolley is as smooth and practical as it is stylish. Thanks to a hard shell with a minimal, classic design, this rolling luggage never looks out of place and is well-suited to overnight business trips as well as weekend getaways.

Its clever packaging with two large compartments and removable liners means it can function as a carry all and easily hold a long weekend’s worth of clothing and essentials. Its four, twin-spinner wheels come with high-end bearings to make gliding across airports a breeze, too.

Layovers and connecting flights can be a hectic enough experience – and the last thing you need when trying to catch a flight at a far-away terminal someplace like Chicago’s gargantuan O’Hare airport is to deal with awkward, unbalanced and dragging luggage.

But with its two-position locking ergonomic handle and smooth rollerblade-like wheels, the Delsey Expandable Luggage makes the trip to the airplane as smooth and turbulence-free as possible.

It comes with a TSA-approved combination lock for additional security, and its polycarbonate shell is both ultra lightweight and highly scratch and dent-resistant. Such suitcases can often pass through the baggage claim carousel dozens or even hundreds of times and still look basically brand new. Even the Delsey expandable luggage’s gloss finish is scratch-resistant and designed to last. Plus, with its ability to expand for over a hundred cubic inches of extra capacity, it lets you pack souvenirs and even extra clothing you may have picked up on your trip.

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