The Ultimate SPY Guide to Cars Maintenance & Auto Accessories

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* Keep your car looking and performing its best
* The latest tech and products for your car you probably didn’t know about
* Bluetooth adapters, wireless cameras, LED headlights and more

How confident are you when it comes to maintaining your car ? Whether you have to run to the mechanic any time you hear a strange sound or you’re looking to expand your existing knowledge in keeping your whip in tip-top shape, read on to uncover the latest technology and best products to keep your ride looking and performing at its best.



Changing Oil Yourself


It’s this writer’s humble opinion that the more you can tend to a car yourself, the better your life will be. You’ll save a ton of money — plus you’ll feel a sense of empowerment. You know, the can-do spirit. And, it doesn’t get more basic than changing your car’s oil. Here are some must-have products when you’re ready to take matters (and motors) into your own hand.

EWK Pneumatic/Manual 6.5 Liter Vacuum Fluid Extracto Image courtesy of Amazon

6 Helpful Oil Change Products to Make You Automotively Awesome


How to Change a Flat Tire Yourself


If you’re reading this, that means you’re probably old enough to drive, which also means it’s high time you learn how to change your own tire. Don’t worry, it’s not hard — and with the Slime 50123 Flat Tire Repair Kit, it’s easier than ever. Check out the link below for an easy-to-use kit.

flat tire repair kit Image courtesy of Amazon

Put Down The Phone, You’re Old Enough to Change a Flat Tire By Yourself


Ways to Charge Your Phone While Driving


Most cell phone brands promise endless battery life, but give it a few months and it seems they can’t hold enough charge to make a single phone call, navigate us to our destination or even play our favorite Spotify tracks. We’ve found six ways to keep your Apple or Android devices charged up so you can hit the road with peace of mind and 100% battery life. Check out our top choices in link below.

Maxboost Smart Port Car Charger Image courtesy of Amazon

Auto Charge: 6 Ways to Charge Your Phone While Driving


This Kit Lets You Convert Any Car to LED Headlights


For just under $50, Boy Genius Report has found a do-it-yourself kit that transforms conventional halogen headlights to bright LED bulbs. You may not be able to invest in a luxury car, but this affordable kit will help an older vehicle look a bit more upscale. Get more details below.

Cougar Motor Headlight Replacement Kit Image courtesy of Amazon

This $44 Kit Lets You Convert Any Car to LED Headlights in Just 20 Minutes


Bluetooth Adapter For Just $10


Don’t have Bluetooth connectivity in your car? Not a problem. Bringing your car into the 21st century doesn’t have to break the bank. This super-compact receiver gives your car an instant Bluetooth boost and can easily connect to your car’s stereo – and now you can finally enjoy hands-free calling and your favorite tunes with this tiny gadget. Get more details about this handy gadget in link below.

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver Image courtesy of Amazon

Daily Deal: Update Your Car With This Bluetooth Adapter For Just $10


Portable Trash Can For Your Car


Here’s a problem we all experience but you never hear about: car trash. You know, all the junk and clutter that accumulates from driving. Whatever it is, cars collect garbage, which creates a less than pleasant driving experience. This ultra-convenient car accessory helps you keep your car clean and organized.

Plastic Push Lid Portable Garbage Trash Can Image courtesy of Overstock

This Portable Trash Can Fits In Your Car’s Cup Holder


High-Tech Gadgets For Your Car


While there’s a certain level of charm with older vehicles, there’s no denying that modern technological updates have left even the flashiest of retro cars in the dusk. Luckily, you can update your car without having to take it to the mechanic. Check out the link below to see seven snazzy gadgets to help bring your hooptie into the 21st century.

Radenso XP Radar Detector Image courtesy of Amazon

Manual Update: Modernize Your Car With These 7 High-Tech Gadgets


Crazy Car Fresheners


If you’re going to hang something from your rear-view mirror, why not make it interesting? To help replace the boring pine tree, we found 10 funny and interesting car air fresheners that you’ll want to hang up–even if your car already smells great.

Lucky Cat Air Freshener Image courtesy of Amazon

10 Crazy Car Fresheners To Drive Away Odors


At-Home Car Wash Products


Between dealing with the elements like rain, sun, snow and wind, your car’s daily (and inevitable) interaction with dust, food and other debris makes it especially tricky to uphold its sparkling clean exterior and interior. Now you can do your part and ensure your whip’s cleanliness anytime, anywhere without expensive services or time-consuming car washes thanks to these 6 easy-to-use car cleaning products.

Wash All Car Wax by Aero Cosmetics Image courtesy of Amazon

At-Home Car Wash: 6 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean Inside and Out


Wireless Backup Cameras


One of the best features found on most new cars are backup cameras. They make parking much easier (because we could all use some help), and they also make maneuvering your car much safer. But while people with new cars get to enjoy flawless parking and safety, those of us stuck with an older vehicle are left out of the fun. Thankfully, brands have taken notice and started making backup cameras that you can attach to any car. Check out some of our favorite models in link below.

AUTO-VOX Backup Camera Kit Image courtesy of Amazon

The 5 Best Wireless Backup Cameras For Your Car or Truck


Replace Your Rearview Mirror With This Touchscreen


This crazy all-in-one gadget mounts over your existing rear-view mirror and connects to a rear-mounted camera to give you a 170-degree wide-angle view of the road behind you. Get more details about this neat device below.

Sendow Rearview Dash Camera Image courtesy of Amazon

This Crazy Device Puts a 7″ Touchscreen Where Your Rearview Mirror Used To Be


Scratch-Removing Car Products


Another scratch in your car? What a drag. Fortunately, using just a few of these ordinary household items could help you get the scratches out, make your car look new, and help you avoid paying for pricey repairs at the auto body shop.

Excoup Car Scratch Repair Cloth Image courtesy of Amazon

How to Remove Scratches From Your Car Using Products You Have At Home