Don’t Leave For Your Next Jungle Trek Without These 6 Essentials

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* Bali is calling, don’t forget these jungle essentials
* Waterproof, breathable and sweat-resistant clothing is a must
* Don’t forget bug spray, durable shoes and mosquito nets 

The jungle can be a treacherous tangle of arachnids, wild animals and intense heat and humidity. It can also provide some of the most striking views beneath its canopy of lush greenery; lined with glistening waterfalls pouring from the cliffs above. So, before you set off for the junglescape’s across Thailand or head to Costa Rica’s Caribbean landscape, make sure you stash these six essentials in your pack. So, you can enjoy the vibrancy of the flora and fauna and untouched trails without worrying about insects, sweat and wet feet.

1. Repel Plant-Based Insect Repellent

A must-have for any trip to insect-ridden locations, specifically the jungle, where mosquitos and spiders can run rampant. Keep them at bay with this plant-based lemon eucalyptus bug spray that won’t have you reeking of chemicals. It lasts for up to six hours but can always be applied more if you are entering a dense jungle with more risk of those virus-carrying skeeters.

 Repel Plant-Based Insect Repellent Courtesy of Amazon


2. Mosquito Head Net for Protection

Yes, this looks ridiculous, but trust us, when you are deep in the buggy and humid jungle trekking your way to the nearest waterfall, you will want to utilize this sun hat made with a mosquito net for the protection of your face and neck. It folds up easy so you can carry in your day pack and comes with an adjustable cord to keep tight around your face when jumping from rock to rock along the jungle terrain.

mosquito hat travel Courtesy of Amazon

3. Helly Hansen Waterproof Jacket

Helly Hansen makes some of the best outdoor gear on the market and this jacket is no exception. We love this choice for the jungle because it will keep you completely dry when the downpour hits you and your crew during the rainy season in the jungle. The water wicking outer materials are combined with an adjustable hood and cuffs for a custom fit. This jacket can be worn in the heat of the summer as well as layered with thermal shirts underneath for a cozy fit in colder weather.

Helly Hansen green jacket Courtesy of Amazon

4. Columbia Waterproof Boots

Footwear is key to enjoying any vacation based in the wilderness. If you are headed on a trek up Macchu Picchu or to the Vietnamese islands to trek to the top of the trees, you will need durable, supportive and waterproof shoes that can keep up with you. The Columbia waterproof boots are a sturdy option for adventurers who need a lasting mid-sole to support active days outside and mesh features for breathability when the weather gets sticky and hot.

Columbia Waterproof Boots Courtesy of Amazon

5. Lightweight and Quick-Drying Shirt

Don’t leave the house without one of these fisherman’s shirts that makes for a perfect addition to your jungle attire with its quick-drying feature and lightweight design for packability and comfortable wear on hot days. Made of nylon and a mesh lining, this makes for a great material to feel breezy in while protecting against the sun and bugs buzzing through the trees.

Baleaf Lightweight Quick-Drying Shirt Courtesy of Amazon

6. Waterproof Minimalist Backpack

To stash all of your essentials on your trip, you will most definitely need a waterproof pack that can hold up to long jaunts through the jungle and can keep your precious tech secure while whipping through the wet jungle. This minimalist backpack from The Friendly Swede does not advertise this as an outdoor pack but if you are looking for something that can easily translate from urban destinations into the wildness of the woods, then we love this option. It is completely waterproof, comfortable for long days outside and has plenty of sealed pockets to hold necessary items on the trail. Made of PVC material that is toxic-free, it promises to withstand tough conditions as well as keep your laptop and everyday items protected and easily accessible. Great for the photographer on-the-go!



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