This Backpack is a Hole-In-One

The DV8 Full Monty Backpack is
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Deviance in golf? It’s a thing and it’s beckoning a whole new generation to the green. Forget that old-school 7am tee time and god-awful plaid sweater. DV8 Sports is quickly changing the landscape of this gentleman’s game with its transformer-style set of clubs, The Full Monty.

You see, the game of golf has hit a serious bump in the road. Millennials are avoiding it like it’s a flip-phone circa 2010. It’s just too expensive and time-consuming. With that in mind, DV8 Sports set out to lure younger golfers back to the course with cool new technology. And out of this strategy came The Full Monty Golf Backpack, which houses an entire set of 14 adjustable clubs.

Yep, you read that right—The Full Monty allows you to carry an entire set of golf clubs in one simple stealth pack on your back. At just 15 pounds, it works by mixing 14 clubheads with two detachable shafts and a connector piece. You can then mix and match to assemble the full club of your choice in just seconds. No tools required, just a love of the game and innovative technology.

The backpack wasn’t just created to make lugging your clubs around easier, however. The point was to take the classic performance expectations—like how far you can drive the ball and how accurately you can slice your shot—and then destroy them. Golf lovers, consider your game transformed.

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