Coupe Crisis: Here’s What You Need for Your Emergency Car Kit (Other Than Your Spare Tire)

Road Trip Emergency Essentials
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* Spares, fire-extinguishers and more
* What to have on hand for when things get out of hand
* Road trip essentials

Long ago, many car companies used to include such kits; nowadays, many new cars don’t even have spare tires. And while many of us haven’t seen a physical “map” in ages, it’s a good idea to have them in your car in case your phone/ GPS doesn’t get a signal or the batteries run out.

Whether you’re going on a long road trip in search of your authentic self or just have a lengthy commute, it’s always important to be prepared. Especially if you’re heading down the road less traveled, be sure you have an emergency car kit.

1. Extra Phone Charger

This is a no-brainer. Nobody wants to be caught in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone. Keep this in your glove box to use as a spare.

nylon phone charger iphone lightning cable Courtesy Amazon

2. Thermal Blanket and Tent

This super compact foldable blanket and tent is not just great for outer space-themed sleepovers and desert raves, it’s also a good thing to have in case you’re stranded in one of our now-routine apocalyptic storms.

thermal blanket Courtesy Amazon

3. Flashlight

An emergency flashlight is always a good idea. It’s no fun to try to do car repairs using your phone’s flashlight, while also looking up on said phone where the right fuse is supposed to be. This one has a magnet for mounting to your car panels.

Flashlight Courtesy Amazon

4. Jaw Wrench

This adjustable wrench is one of the most useful yet compact multi-tools out there. It even has a scale for precision adjustment.

Jaw Wrench Courtesy Amazon

5. Jumper Cables

Because asking someone to help jump-start your car is bad enough, you want to make sure you at least have the necessary cables.

jumper cables Courtesy Amazon

6. Fire Extinguisher

Always good to have on hand, a fire extinguisher in the car can be the difference between a minor annoyance from a bad fuse and a totaled car.

fire extinguisher Courtesy Amazon

7. Workpro Tool Kit

This “kitchen drawer” tool kit is also great to have in your car. It’s compact and provides sockets in the most-used metric sizes plus pliers and hex keys.

tool kit Courtesy Amazon

8. First Aid Kit

Definitely a good idea to have with you and keep in the car. A good first aid kit can literally save your life.

first aid kit Courtesy Amazon

9. Road Flares

These reusable road flares have bright orange LEDs and can be used in a pinch to light up a workspace or for camping purposes, too.

road flares Courtesy Amazon

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