6 Types of Emergency Gear to Keep in Your Car During the Snowmageddon

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* What to pack your car with during intense winter conditions
* Space blanket, shovel, and road flares should be in your emergency car kit
* Gear to help you stay warm, dry, and safe during accidents 

Snowmaggedon is in full swing this winter as avalanches are raging across highways in Colorado and cars are buried beneath a downpour of flakes in Seattle. So, if you live in the icy regions of the country or are making your way up to the ski resorts every weekend, it is necessary to pack your car accordingly. It is always smart to prepare for the worst and expect the best, right? In addition to carrying a few extra canteens with water, winter-ready clothes, and healthy protein and granola bars in the car, we also recommend taking extra precaution and gathering some of the emergency gear listed here to keep you warm, safe, and able to call for help if that worst case scenario comes around.

1.  Space Blanket Sleeping Bag

This super lightweight and packable sleeping bag should be one of the first things to toss into your car before heading up to the mountains. Not only does it take up minimal space but this tear-resistant, waterproof bag helps you retain up to 90% of your own body heat. It is ideal for emergency situations like getting trapped in your car or stuck in the backcountry as it will help you hold heat and keep you dry.

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2. LED Road Flares and Emergency Lights

This set of LED lights (12 amber lights and three white ones) are excellent to keep in your trunk during any season of the year, but especially in the winter, when the snow can cause whiteouts and it can be very hard to see other cars on the road who may have been in an accident. The set-up comes with a tool for quick battery changes, a window breaker and seat belt cutter in case of dire situations, as well as super strength magnets so you can place them on the exterior of your car to warn others of your situation.



LED Road Flares and Emergency Lights Image Courtesy of Amazon

3. Snow Removal Tool

This is a great choice for any winter warriors who need to commute to work or are heading up to the mountains to chase the storm. With a scraper on one side for ice removal and an 18-inch snow shovel on the other, this dual-purpose (and foldable) piece of equipment can help you easily clear snow from your entire vehicle, not just the front window, pretty quickly.

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4. First Aid Kit

This standard first aid kit is great for travelers who want something small and convenient for their winter road trips but that comes with an astounding amount of supplies in one easy-to-carry setup. This one has 300 items including all the go-to supplies like bandaids, gauze, scissors, tweezers, antiseptic towelettes, and even a compass for unfortunate situations where you may be lost without a phone signal.

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5. Power Foldable Shovel

Digging yourself out of a snowbank happens more than you’d think when walls of snow start to pile-up on the highway and on roadsides in the city during aggressive storms. This 26-inch Power shovel folds up for easy storage but shows up when you really need it. It has an aluminum-edge and reinforced handle so you can tackle heavy snow and ice more readily.


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6. Solar Power Bank Device Charger

A dead phone battery is pretty useless and incredibly frustrating when you are trying to call for help in emergency situations. When without a signal, most smartphones can make 911 calls, so you need to make sure your phone is charged enough to do so. The solar-powered device can be charged via the sunlight or charged using a USB cable before jetting off to the peaks. A flashlight is integrated into this design making it multi-purpose and highly effective if you find yourself in an emergency situation.


Solar Power Bank Device Charger Image Courtesy of Amazon

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