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Need a New Weekender Bag? I’m Obsessed With Everlane’s $90 Mover Pack

Weekend trips are tremendously popular this summer due to the lack of travel options. We can’t exactly use up all of our vacation days by hopping on a flight to Japan for two weeks, so once long summer trips have turned into shorter weekend excursions that happen closer to home.

Since we’re not flying, our suitcases are collecting dust — and for good reason. You can leave those clunky girls behind on a weekend trip. Therefore, weekender bags are finally getting their time in the limelight and are overshadowing their hard-shelled counterparts. Duffels and weekend bags alike no longer have to sit under your bed for a full 365 days until Thanksgiving weekend at your parents’ house in order to have their moment in the sun.

We get it, why snag a weekend bag when the pandemic is likely ending soon? Realistically, this virus is going nowhere just yet. We’re probably going to be limited to short weekend trips until people learn how to put on a damn mask. But, that’s a rant for another time. (We’ll leave the mask education to our colleagues at Rolling Stone.)

With that all being said, my go-to weekend bag for all of my close-to-home long-weekend getaways has to be the excellently designed Mover Pack from Everlane. You already know we’re huge Everlane fans here at SPY — we recently covered an entire summer-long sale that we’re still keeping a close eye on. But, we’re going to say it, this is easily one of our top five favorite Everlane products of all time.

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Courtesy of Everlane

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There are three ways to carry this big boy. Three! A number of options nobody ever asked for but are more than glad to have. Obviously, it has a two-handle hold just like your regular shmegular weekender bag does, but it also provides top and bottom haul handles to supply more of an elongated hold. It’s also got two back straps if you prefer wearing it as a travel backpack.

Inside, you can find a super spacious interior with room to fit anything the weekend might call for. A mesh under-lid pocket covers the opening flap to provide a safe space for those socks and skivvies. Aside from the main opening, there’s a quick access zip for whenever you need to jut your hand in and poke around. Best of all, there’s an entirely separate shoe compartment that doesn’t touch the rest of the bag’s interior. This smartly-designed feature ensures your dirty sneaks will never have to touch your clean clothes again.

With colors on the neutral side, Everlane only offers this weekender bag in black and forest green. Both of these colors pair well with just about any outfit you’re rocking, so this bag will match your style no matter what. No matter where you’re headed or how long the drive is, this bag is simply the perfect throw in the trunk type.

Looking to snag one of your own? The Mover Pack goes for just $88 on Everlane. Get yours before they’re gone.