This Small Device Allows Women to Pee Standing Up

Go Girl Urination Device
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* The GoGirl Urination Device lets women pee while standing up
* Its discreet design fits in your purse and is ideal for festivals and camping trips
* It’s a simple and more hygienic answer to gruesome porta-potties and public toilets

For ladies who love nothing better than heading out for a weekend camping trip or jumping around in the crowd at a music festival, the prospect of using trail outhouses or unhygienic onsite facilities can often throw a damper on a pretty exciting time. Having to navigate squalid conditions or wait in seemingly endless lines puts women at a real disadvantage in terms of time and convenience. For these very reasons, the GoGirl Urination Device was created.

The GoGirl is part of a new wave of female urination devices (often shortened to FUD) that allow ladies the same standing ease men experience naturally. This handy device is made from medical-grade silicone and is small enough to sit happily in your purse, pocket or glove compartment. It will be ready and on hand for the times you need it.

female urinal gogirl review women pee standing up Image courtesy of Amazon

Plus, it’s super simple to use. All you need to do is create a tight seal between the GoGirl and your body and, well, go. The lavender color also features a patented splash guard that prevents unwanted splashback and spilling. That means no more uncomfortable squatting or coming into contact with germ-filled seats. And after use, you can either choose to dispose of the device or clean it through and reuse it.

The GoGirl is ideal for camping trips, festival weekends and any journey that may see you come across unhygienic facilities. It’s also great for anyone who is recovering from hip or knee surgery, as the GoGirl provides an easier and cleaner answer than a bedpan and allows you to urinate while in a post-op bodysuit. Possibly best of all, when winter comes around, you’ll get to enjoy the excitement of writing your name in the snow.

Say goodbye to the days of removing your pants just to pee and those horrible pee-down-your-leg moments. Say hello to the GoGirl.