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ZERO Halliburton 3″ Slimline Small Attache – Enjoy James Bond Style

If you’re looking to up your business style, the ZERO Halliburton 3” Slimline Small Attache is the perfect accessory. This sturdy yet compact case is constructed from premium anodized aluminum and provides both durability and style. With a matte silvertone finish and raised horizontal stripes, the small attache looks as if it belongs in the next James Bond film, carrying a secret weapon around the globe.

A center-console, three-digit combination lock ensures the valuables stay where they belong – in the hands of the good guys! To add to its ease of use, ZERO Halliburton has included a unique piano hinge and an ultra-durable, black faux leather lining in the Slimline Attache. An organization panel gives just the right amount of space for your pens, business cards, important papers and other accessories.

But there’s more to this attache case than its appearance and ability to protect your documents. It’s also a pleasure to carry due to its textured-grip handle. And the protective metal feet serve to shield the aluminum exterior from the elements, adding a touch of practicality to elegance.

Furthermore, ZERO Halliburton has been producing quality business cases since 1938. So you can rest easy knowing the best designers in the industry have worked tirelessly to make the 3” Slimline Small Attache fit seamlessly into your daily routine while providing an extra touch of organization.

As an added benefit, all Slimline cases come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Even if you don’t have a use for this elegant case, the ZERO Halliburton 3” Slimline Small Attache makes a great gift for the stylish businessman (or woman) in your life.

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