Get One of These Translator Devices for Easier Communication When Traveling Abroad

Best translator devices
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Some people remain convinced that the best way to deal with speaking a foreign language is to simply raise your voice and repeat your words. In reality, this does little more than make those people come across as ignorant. And while attempting to learn a foreign language for a two week vacation may seem a little over the top, being able to reel off a few common phrases does help travelers feel more comfortable. In addition, it often helps interactions become less awkward for all parties involved. After all, it’s important to try to speak the local language even if it’s just to say hello and goodbye. 

Luckily, it’s no longer necessary to learn an entire language before your next vacation. Modern technology has helped to bridge the language barrier through smart devices capable of translation in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re in an important business meeting with foreign clients, at a restaurant ordering your dinner or even out on a date with someone who doesn’t speak English, these devices provide near-instant translation and often speak dozens of languages, meaning you can use these devices on every vacation you take worldwide.

We’ve put together a selection of the best translating devices available on Amazon and reviewed them below. They’re great for all kinds of exchanges at home and abroad and are sure to help you in a number of situations which would otherwise be a little sticky. The majority require an internet connection in some form to function, whether through your phone or a local WiFi connection, but they are all built for use on the go.

Invest in one of these devices and say goodbye to awkward and confusing exchanges while ensuring you make the most of your visit to a foreign country.

1. Nynicorny Translator Device Smart Voice Translator


With over 40 supported languages, including two-way translation, the Nynicorny Translator Device Smart Voice Translator is a solid choice for vacationers, businessmen and language enthusiasts alike. The device delivers clear and easy-to-understand language with 99% accuracy, making it ideal for business meetings, restaurants and general use when you’re abroad. The lightweight and simple design means it’s portable, and it’s built to be easy to understand for all users. The device is also accompanied by the uTranslate smartphone app, which allows for real-time translation via a Bluetooth connection to your phone.

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2. Zuchini Smart Voice Translator Device


The Zuchini Smart Voice Translator Device delivers fast, one-button translation, an HD touchscreen and voice and text display all in one intelligent device. The real-time translation is highly accurate and ideal for real-world situations and at-home translation, too. The smart device supports 42 different languages and also sports a handy 2.4-inch touchscreen, which displays the translation results and makes it easier to learn and recognize words as you go. There’s also built-in noise reduction and a long standby time, so the device is always ready to use when you need it.

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3. Birgus Instant Voice Language Translator Device


Another device with a handy 2.4-inch touch screen is the Birgus Instant Voice Language Translator Device. This translator is ideal for business people as it offers an accuracy rating of 98% and a 0.3 second response time. It also requires no additional app, meaning it can be used independently from your smartphone and can translate languages from 70 different countries. The native and foreign language buttons make switching between required translation simple, especially for face-to-face conversation at business meetings, at restaurants or even on dates.

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4. Buoth Language Translator Device


With over 95% of Amazon users awarding the Buoth Language Translator Device a five out of five review, you know this device is doing something right. Not only does it provide fast, two-way translation in under 0.2 seconds and translation of over 100 different languages, the five megapixel camera also offers on-screen text translation, which works to translate books, menus and road signs. For safety, the device comes with a handy neck strap and is available in your choice of black or white.

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5. Pocketalk Language Translator Device


If you know you aren’t always going to be within reach of a WiFi or hotspot connection, there’s no need to worry with the Pocketalk Language Translator Device in your hands. It includes a built-in, two-year data plan. Whether you’re heading to Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain or any of the other 128 covered countries, you can rest assured that you’ll always have two-way communication covered in 74 different languages. The handy design works in face-to-face situations and allows conversation to flow somewhere close to naturally, even in business meetings and at other social events. In addition, the pocket-sized design makes it very portable for use on the go.

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