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A Rugged Passport Holder For Your Next Trip

* Made from 4 oz. oil tan leather from Acadia Leather
* Holds cards, money, tickets and passport
* Rugged, natural design to add a stylish touch

As summer approaches, travel plans are multiplying by the second. To travel in style with a functional accessory piece, pick up this JP Leathercraft Passport Case Holder.

Made from sturdy 4 oz. oil tan leather, this passport holder doubles as a wallet as well as a rustic accessory. Handmade and crafted from Acadia Leather, this cover can hold four additional cards, money, or other paperwork not including your passport. If you’re a traveling savant, you already know that traveling light and efficiently is key. Both lightweight and compact, this wallet and card holder makes for the perfect accompaniment for all of your travels. Wanderlust aficionados also know that it’s ideal to have useful products that can withstand the hard conditions of traveling. This unisex passport holder is made of a durable leather that will only get better with wear and tear, lasting through plenty of exciting new adventures.

Known for its unique, handmade leather products, JP Leathercraft is committed to fine craftsmanship and meticulous detailing. With elegant designs, the accessories manufacturer has a wide range of goods made to provide both style and utility. This passport holder is no exception, as it is both made with a timeless, polished design and is practical for all of your travels.

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