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A Theft-Proof Travel Sack Tough Enough for the Jack Bauers of the World

* Slash-resistant fabric
* Steel-reinforced lock strap
* Inner RFID-blocking pocket 

Jack Bauer had his infamous sack of tricks in

, but he wishes he had Loctote’s Flak Sack for his days of real-time escapades. Made from slash and rip resistant fabric, this lightweight drawstring bag is ideal for travelling safely and securely. 

The Flak Sack is woven from materials originally developed for lightweight, yet durable, body armor. It sports the highest level of slash resistance (Level 5) and can be locked while worn or locked to a stationary object. 

An added level of security comes in the form of an inner pocket that is made from certified RFID-blocking material. Store your credit cards and other valuable information in this pocket–you’ll never have to worry about cyber-thieves scanning your information from a distance.

Along with the slash-resistant material and RFID-blocking pocket, this travel sack also has a steel-reinforced locking strap that has been tested up to 1,000 pounds. The strap is reinforced with 49 strands of stainless steel wire, thus making it nearly impossible for thieves to cut from your back or anywhere else you secure it.

This bag is lightweight, water-resistant and perfect for any and all of your 24-inspired escapades.

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