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Baggage Claim: 8 Ways to Never Lose Your Luggage Again

* Easy to spot options
* Affordable ways to ID your bags
* Easy to spot locks

Why does finding your luggage when you arrive at your destination have to be a crap shoot? Well, with these super helpful (and affordable!) items, you can ensure you find your luggage easily every time you travel.

1. Myosotis510 Funny Burger Suitcase Protector

Order the Myosotis510 Funny Burger Suitcase Protector to go. It’s made of spandex and polyester to stretch easily around any luggage 18 to 32-inches in size. Best of all, you’ll spot it from a mile away. No losing this burger.


2. Highwind Initial Bag Tags

Forget the paper tags that rip off during the flight. Highwind Initial Bag Tags are easy to identify on the conveyor belt. They hold your identification card but discretely hide your personal information. And, they’re made of sturdy rubber with steel loops.

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3. Cosmos ® 3-piece Comfort Neoprene Handle Wraps

Want a more subtle way to identify your bags? Try the Cosmos 3-piece Neoprene Comfort Handle Wraps. Their bright colors distinguish your bag from similar suitcases. And, they make them easier to pick up and carry through the airport.


4. BlueCosto Long Cross Luggage Straps

BlueCosto Long Cross Luggage Straps help you twice. First, they make your luggage easy to spot from afar. And second, they hold everything secure inside. The buckle closes secure. And, they even come with luggage tags. A high end solution at a low end price.


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5. Luggit Luggage Handle Wraps

Here’s a different way to ID your bags. Luggit Luggage Handle Wraps are fun, stylish and easy to spot at the airport. They provide a soft grip, space to put your personal details and come with a 5-year replacement guarantee.


6. Pomchies

You’ll be cheering all the way from the airport with Pomchies. They’re the most fun way to ID your luggage. Their flouncy, bouncy colorful style snaps right on and off your bags. And when they’re not on your suitcase, you can wear them as a fun accent on your wrist or around your ponytail.


7. Fvstar Washable Pineapple Print Luggage Cover

You don’t have to be traveling to the tropics to enjoy the island inspired Fvstar Washable Pineapple Print Luggage Cover. It zips right around your suitcase to protect it from wear and tear. Plus, you’ll never miss it as it passes by on the luggage conveyor.


8. Forge TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks

These days, in order to lock your suitcase while flying, you must have TSA approved locks. And these Forge TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks fit the bill. They use easy-to-set  three digit combinations. And, their bright orange casing helps you identify your luggage fast, so you can grab your bags and get outta there.

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