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Make Like Odell Beckham Jr. and Give the Gift of Lyft

* Giants wide receiver went undercover as Lyft driver
* Lyft’s online gift cards make an easy and appreciated gift
* You can also send Lyft credits online to pay back friends for a ride

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has us rolling into the weekend with a smile on our face after his “Undercover Lyft” video went viral this week. OBJ surprised unsuspecting Lyft passengers by giving them a ride through the streets of New Jersey. With sunglasses on and a beanie covering his trademark hair, the star receiver carried on in casual conversation with the riders (dropping a few hints about getting to the Super Bowl, natch) before finally revealing his identity.

You might not have a celebrity athlete driving you this weekend, but Lyft continues to expand its services for faster pick-ups, smoother rides and better rates. Lyft is now also offering online credits, that you can send as a gift or use to pay back friends for a ride.

Head over the Lyft website HERE and enter your phone number to verify your account. Once that’s done, fill in the name and email of your recipient, select the amount you wish to send them and include a short message if you’d like (I.e. “Thanks for getting my ride after my phone died last night. Here’s 10 bucks back to your account”). The credits will automatically show up in your recipient’s Lyft account, ready to use for their – and your – next big night out.

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