Safe Travels: The 8 Best Hidden Wallets To Protect Your Cards and ID When Traveling

money belt alternatives best hidden wallets
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* Keep your belongings safe while traveling with these smart wallets
* Ideal for keeping your valuables close in busy places and on long journeys
* Includes false bottom soda cans, money belts and built-in pocket underwear

Having your belongings stolen on vacation can really turn a good time into a sour one. There’s no way to predict when and where it’s going to happen, which is why the most effective fix is to take preventative measures all the time. Take a look at these handy wallets designed for keeping your important belongings, like passports, money and credit cards out of sight. Using one will give you peace of mind. Whether it’s in a crowd at a music festival or on a long-haul bus journey, make sure your valuables remain safe.

1. Coca Cola Coke Soda Can Diversion Safe Stash

It may have once contained a delicious, sugar-filled soft drink, but now this real soda can has been reborn as a safe stash. Who’s gonna steal a can of coke over the more expensive items around? Little do your unwanted guests know, the top of this can screws off to reveal a chamber for storing your most valuable items away and out of sight.

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2. The Paragon Pocket Security Socks

Perhaps the last place a thief would think to look for valuables is inside a sock. That’s why these security socks work perfectly. Each pair includes one normal sock and a second sock with a built-in, zipped pocket. The pocket is large enough to hold keys, credit cards, cash and more. Aside from keeping your valuables safe while traveling, these handy socks are great for storing your essentials during a run or a trip to the gym.

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3. Marshal Travel Gear Undercover Leg Wallet

If you prefer to keep all of your valuables close but don’t want to keep them in the “usual” places for fear of loss, give the Marshal Undercover Leg Wallet a try. The sizable wallet wraps around your leg under your pants and features 3 separate, zipped pockets with plenty of space for storing valuable items. The wrap-around straps adjust to fit any size leg, too.

money belt alternatives best hidden wallets for travel leg Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Stashitware Secret Pocket Underwear

There are few places on the body that men are more protective over than the crotch area. Stashitware realized this and decided to kill two birds with one stone. This pair of underwear has a built-in pocket in the front that can hold passports, money and keys, which is especially useful for crowded events such as festivals and sports games as well as long journey traveling.  

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5. Pacsafe Coversafe Secret Bra Pouch

Although the idea of “stuffing it down your bra” may have merit when it comes to keeping your items safe, it’s rarely comfortable. The Pacsafe secret bra pouch works in a similar fashion but without the discomfort of just shoving valuables inside the bra itself. The built-for-purpose pouch simple hangs off the front or side of the bra, sitting flat against your body. This Pacsafe product is the ideal size for credit cards, keys and cash.

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6. JASGOOD Travel Security Money Belt

One of the classic ways to keep your cash away from thieves is by using a belt with a pocket. A belt is hard for a second person to remove, so you can rest assured no one is getting to that money without you seeing or feeling it. Plus, this belt comes in a range of colors, so it can be matched with your favorite outfits and you can keep looking sharp.

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7. Peak RFID Travel Money Belt

As the technology behind common theft improves, it’s important to stay ahead of the game. Move your travel protection game into the 21st century with the Peak RFID money belt, which is ready to keep your card and ID information safe from hackers. The RFID blocking technology is built into the belt’s walls, so your information is protected at all times. It also comes with high-quality YKK zippers and is made from water-resistant nylon.

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8. Deals n Sight Men’s Speed Stick Diversion Can

Using a genuine product container, the Deals n Sight deodorant stick will leave everyone fooled. Instead of an adjustable knob, this convincing diversion can features a removable bottom that can be filled with cash and valuables. To complete the illusion, the stick even features real deodorant on top for anyone who doesn’t think it’s real.

money belt alternatives best hidden wallets for travel mens deodorant speed stick diversion Image courtesy of Amazon