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Safety Comes First With This Minimalistic Money Belt

*Enough space to fit passports, cash, credit cards smartphones and more
*Pouch is fully adjustable, comfortable, ultra-lightweight and water resistant
*RFID blocking keeps your passport and credit cards protected from identity theft

Whether you’re traveling abroad or thinking of hitting some crowded places this summer, this Zero Grid Money Belt is one safe investment to protect your belongings and help you stay organized while on the go.

With enough space to fit your passport, cash, credit cards, boarding passes and your smartphones, this compact pouch keeps your valuables safe and handy. The two zippered compartments help you stay organized while the mesh, lightweight design will make you forget it’s even there.

Unlike other models, the Zero Grid also uses built-in radio-blocking technology (RFID) to automatically block all low radio frequencies. You won’t have to worry about someone secretly scanning your passport or your credit cards.

Practical and comfortable, this belt is fully adjustable and made with ultra-lightweight material that makes it not only extremely breathable but also 100% water-resistant. The expandable strap is able to fit waist sizes up to 46 inches. Plus, the pouch is slim and lightweight enough to be worn under any shirt, no matter how loose or tight.

What’s more, this model was designed with travelers in mind, so even though it’s pretty spacious, it never feels bulky or out of place. You can take comfort in knowing your belongings are protected while you roam the streets with ease. Travelling with kids will also be a breeze as you’ll be hands-free to cater to their needs while also staying organized.

Still not convinced? The Zero Grid also offer a generous lifetime money-back guarantee — although, with more than 350 happy reviewers and counting, we doubt you’ll ever need it.

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