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SPY Guide: 3 Ways to Never Mix-Up Your Luggage Again

* Lightweight luggage covers for traveling
* Helps your suitcase stand out from the pack
* Also protects suitcase to ensure longevity

Protect your luggage from scratches, dirt and disappearances with these whimsical luggage covers. Designed to not impede wheel movement or handle use, these covers are made from high quality spandex and polyester. They’re also super lightweight, so they’ll easily slip on and off without adding to your load.

Available in four different sizes to suit any suitcase, the covers are washable, and secure easily with a strategic zipper. They’re also double-stitched, meaning your cover stays secure, and will be easy to spot so you can grab it and be on your way.

Here are three of the more unique designs we’ve spotted. Get one for every member of your family, so you never have to worry about misplacing or mixing up your luggage again.

1. Merry Christmas Luggage Cover

Particularly useful during the seasonal holidays, your luggage will certainly stand out on the carousel as you touchdown on your Christmas vacation. Plus, you can spread a little holiday cheer while on your winter getaway. Alternatively: use this Christmas cover year-round and be doubly sure that no one will mix up their luggage with yours.



2. Camera Luggage Cover

Your luggage should make a statement, and that statement shouldn’t be boring. This cleverly designed cover looks like a camera from the outside, the perfect blend if your base layer is black as well. It also makes a great gift for the photographers in your life.


3. Hamburger Luggage Cover

Definitely eye-catching enough that you won’t have to worry about losing it, this luggage cover has just the right amount of humor and irony to make an impression, without being too bold. Like all the covers, an easy side slot lets your handles slide out easily for you to maintain a secure grip.

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