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Lived-In Review: This Pillow Makes You Look Like An Ostrich and We Won’t Travel Without It

* This unique pillow is designed to let you nap anywhere
* Ergonomic design & allergy-proof construction
* 30-day money back guarantee

We’ve found a product that finally lets you nap virtually anywhere. It’s called the Ostrich Pillow, and yes it looks a little wacky, but you won’t be worried about that when you’re fast asleep.

Napping isn’t just for the lazy anymore. Recent studies have proven that taking a couple hard-earned naps throughout the day is actually the most natural sleep pattern for humans. This might seem shocking to some of us here in America, but other countries such as Spain, Italy, and Mexico are centuries ahead of us when it comes to getting some shut-eye in the afternoon.

Napping has been utilized by hyper-productive, successful people for a long time, including some surprising celebs. Kanye West famously takes naps next to baby North, while Thomas Edison reportedly had cots placed around his workspace for napping (if only he invented an Ostrich Pillow!). Naps are also great for workout energy too.  Muhammad Ali didn’t start his afternoon fitness routine until he got a quick nap.

But there’s one problem that often stops people from taking advantage of naps: there’s very few comfy napping spots outside of your home. Here’s where the Ostrich Pillow comes in.

This “napping pillow” allows you to get some shut-eye in almost any position, whether you’re trying to rest in cramped airplane seats or dozing off during a long car ride. The hood design also creates your own dark and cozy “micro environment” that promotes a private, restful slumber.

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The Ostrich Pillow has seen huge success since it’s crowd-funded creation in 2012, with appearances on CNN talk shows, and coverage on well-known media outlets like Wired and Mashable.

[caption id="attachment_103079" align="aligncenter" width="419"]Sleeping in Car Ostrich Pillow Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

But even with all the hype surrounding the Ostrich Pillow, we weren’t totally convinced. I myself am an avid napper, but I often find myself out and about with nowhere to catch some Z’s when exhaustion strikes. So I gave the Ostrich Pillow a spin to find out.

The first napping session I took with the pillow, was during my 3 hour math class. The class takes a 15-20 minute break halfway through, so I was hoping I could squeeze in a power nap during that time, and be alert for the second half of class.

 Ostrich Pillow Review

So while my classmates scrolled through their Instagram feeds or scrambled to make it to the vending machine, I strapped on my Ostrich Pillow and got settled for a nap right at my desk (pictured below). Although it wasn’t my bed (or a couch for that matter), I still got a decent 10-minute nap. Even though I had to explain to all my classmates that I was using the pillow to test out for my job, the sharp alertness I felt for the next couple hours was well worth it.

I ran a couple more tests with the Ostrich Pillow, including taking a nap in the passenger seat of my friend’s car. Unsurprisingly, I had the same restful experience as I did when I used it in class. While I wasn’t able to try the Ostrich Pillow on a plane, I’m confidant that I’ll have the same restful slumber during my flight as well.

I’ll certainly be keeping my trusty Ostrich Pillow in my car and my in my luggage from now on.