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Hack Your Packing and Never Pay To Check a Bag Again

* US-based airlines charge an average of $25 per checked bag
* Skip the fees and travel carry-on only
* These packing hacks will help you fit your stuff into a 22-inch suitcase

Has anyone else noticed how much worse air travel has become in the last ten years? Sure, base ticket prices are much cheaper now, but most airlines seem to want to squeeze every last penny out of our wallets before we can board the plane. One of the most annoying fees now regularly charged by carriers is the dreaded charge for checked baggage.

On average, US-based airlines charge $25 per checked bag. On top of that, many carriers have now started charging for carry on bags, too. So what you may think is a super cheap flight quickly becomes rather expensive after adding your bags.

The best way to get around this nickel and dime-ing is to never check a bag. While you might think you can’t fit everything you need into a carry-on size bag, these hacks will help you condense your clothes, shoes and toiletries into a standard 22-inch suitcase. Be sure to stock up on such packing supplies before your next big trip.

1. YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

Shoes are the worst thing to pack when you’re worried about space. Each pair takes up lots of room. In addition, shoes have to be packed carefully because they tend to be the dirtiest thing you own. After shoving socks and underwear inside each shoe, place them in these

to keep the rest of your bag clean and organized.

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2. TravelWise Packing Cube System

The number one packing hack professed by travel influencers is the use of packing cubes. And that’s because they actually work. Separating your clothes into these cubes will keep your bag organized and allow you to fit more clothes inside it. The TravelWise Packing Cube System comes with five pieces, including two large cubes, two medium cubes and one small cube. The mesh top makes these cubes especially breathable and ultra packable.

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3. Acrodo Space Saver Compression Bags

Compression bags allow you to remove the air between items, making them as small as possible. This is a great hack if you need to save space. However, it won’t help lighten your bag as you are replacing all the air with clothing weight.

work without a vacuum, which is ideal for travel. Simply put your clothes inside, partially seal the bag and roll it up, letting the air escape as you do so. According to the manufacturer, this process will provide three times more space in your carry on bag.

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4. Grand Fusion Housewares Stow-N-Go Organizer

One of the burdens of travel is constantly unpacking and repacking your bags. Eventually, your suitcase becomes a messy pit of unfolded clothes. However, Grand Fusion Housewares has solved this problem with their

. The expandable system allows you to pack your clothes by folding them into the extended organizer. Then all you have to do is collapse the Stow-N-Go and slide it into your suitcase. When you reach your destination, simply remove the organizer from your bag and hang it up. Your clothes will still be folded and organized in the same way you packed them, eliminating the need to unfold and refold your entire bag. The Stow-N-Go fits in any suitcase 20 inches or larger.

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5. Lowepro Highline RL x400 AW

One of the major reasons more people can’t travel carry-on only is the need to pack electronics. Most airlines only allow you one carry on bag these days, so the need for a backpack full of books, a camera and a laptop means you can’t bring your clothing suitcase into the cabin. The solution? Let us introduce the

. This bag can hold all your clothes as well as your laptop, tablet and more. In addition, this carry-on compatible bag comes with built-in packing cubes, wheels and a 22-inch telescopic handle.

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