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Portable and Tangle-Free — This Portable iPhone Charger Has It All

* Tangle-free lightning charging cable for iPhones and iPads
* Loop design for attaching to keyrings and backpacks
* MFi approved by Apple for fast charging and data transfer

Everyone’s been there — you’re running a little late and not quite sure you have everything, but you need to leave. Minutes later you realize, you left your charging cable on the bedside table. With a dreaded low battery on the horizon, you’re in an all-too-common dilemma. If you only had the NuAns Bandwire Charger, you wouldn’t have to worry.

With a stylish 3D texture, leather-like finish and enclosed loop design, this 160mm compact cable stays unnoticed on your keyring or backpack until the very moment you need it. The enclosed loop also ensures the metal ends aren’t damaged while you’re on the move.

The shorter length and flat cable design make the Bandwire charger easy to carry. They also mean you are forever free of annoying cable tangles. You can choose from four colors (white, saffron, khaki and black) to make sure your Bandwire fits with your personality, too.

You’ll find that the NuAns Bandwire cable offers impressive charging and data transfer times, which is why it has been MFi (Made For i…) approved by Apple. So you may want to pick one up even if you’re not in the market for a portable iPhone charger.

Make low battery warnings a thing of the past with this stylish, portable and tangle-free Apple USB to lightning charger.

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