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Bring This $8 Portable Lock With You While You Travel For Extra Peace of Mind in Seedy Hotels

* Thieves often target hotels with outside-facing doors
* Add an extra layer of protection to your hotel room with a portable door lock
* The Addalock is easy to use and requires no tools for installation

Traveling often means carrying highly valuable items and staying in unsecured hotel rooms. Think about it. When you’re on the road, you likely have a laptop, a camera and lots of cash. For that reason, many thieves target hotel rooms, especially those in seedy motels with outward facing doors. If you often find yourself staying in such hotels or if you’re taking a road trip around America this summer, it’s definitely worth investing in this $8 portable lock for extra peace of mind.


is a portable door lock that installs on any door in seconds. It needs no tools for installation, so it’s great for taking with you wherever you go. To install it, first test if it will fit between the door frame and the door using the end marked “Test to Fit.” Assuming the gap is large enough, just open the door and insert the claws of the lock into the strike of the door. Close the door and place the metal rod of the red handle through the triangular hole in the lock. Once the red handle is secure, no one can enter your room from the outside, even if they have a key.

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It’s important to note that Addalock only works when you are inside your hotel room. If you need extra security when you’re out and about, consider investing in a portable safe for your valuables.

In addition to being useful for travelers, the Addalock is great for home security, too. If you feel your bedroom or apartment in general could use an extra lock to keep out unwanted people, the Addalock is an easy answer that doesn’t require permanent installation.

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For added peace of mind whether you’re at home or staying in a creepy motel, the Addalock is an affordable and effective portable door lock.


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