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Protect Your Suitcase From Damage With This Cover

* Extra-thick suitcase cover protects your luggage
* Available in different colors and sizes
* Comes with a free luggage tag

Whatever your summer travel plans, nothing can put a damper on your vacation like damaged luggage. However, it becomes hard to travel in style with ugly packing tape strapped to your suitcase. WSWS has a solution: a protective anti-scratch luggage cover that comes in eight bright colors.

The extra-thick suitcase protector is made from spandex and polyester, making it flexible, lightweight and easy to affix over any size luggage.

Easily washable, the suitcase cover also comes with a free luggage tag, and a 4+ star rating to boost. You can fasten it securely using the velcro seal at the bottom, and still use all available handles due to strategically based openings.

The cover is available in multiple sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your luggage set, while its bright colors mean you can easily spot your luggage on the carousel. The thickness of the cover not only ensures that nothing falls out or breaks, but that your luggage is protected from dirt, dust, or anything else that might be inflicted upon it on its journey.

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